Things to Know About Wrist Tattoos


While tattoos used to be popular with the hippie generation and biker crowd mainly, they are becoming more prevalent and widely accepted as the norm in the new decade of humankind. The opportunities are endless, with the ability to pick from thousands of different tattoo designs and many skilled artists willing to ink the design of your preference on your skin. If you find yourself considering getting some form of wrist tattoos inked onto your hand, here are some tips you need to keep in mind before you give a chance to your local tattoo artist.

First, know that they are more painful. While any tattoo, regardless of its position on your body, will be painful, wrist tattoo designs are even more extreme than you could ever imagine. The heightened level of pain has to do with the fact that the skin on your wrist is not as dense as it is on other body ideas. The only advantage to such tattoo designs is that they are much smaller than other kinds, which means they will take less time to plant. So while the pain may be more severe, you will not have to sustain it for too long.

Second, they need a longer healing process. Since wrist tattoos are exposed more often than a tattoo on another part, these tattoos take much longer to recover. Expect wrist tattoo designs to take around 20 days to heal, unlike tattoos on other body parts, which may take comparatively lesser time.

Third, they may need more touch-up work. Extra touch-up work for wrist tattoo designs is needed for the same reason that they take longer to heal, and that is because they are exposed much more than any other body part. You can expect your wrist tattoo designs to fade much quicker due to the extra sunlight exposure, so you should expect to have touch-up work done much sooner than you would need to, had you planned to get your tattoo on any other body part.

The fourth point is positive. They are much easier to hide. While we have discussed many of the downsides to wrist tattoos, one benefit to these tattoos is that they are pretty easy to hide. Whether you opt to wear a watch, or long-sleeved shirts, or bracelet over your tattoo, you can still go about work as usual without your co-workers or your boss having any clue that you have tattooed your wrist.

Lastly, these tattoo designs are cheaper and affordable. Since wrist tattoos are much smaller than those applied to other parts of the body, their smaller size also makes them cost less. Whenever you opt for a larger design with more shades, you should expect that your design cost will go up. Since wrist tattoo designs are generally much smaller and not as colorful, they can be more cost-effective for those who want to take some form of ink, but don’t want to pay more for a fascinating design.

Regardless of why you choose to obtain some form of wrist tattoo, remember that they are an exceptional way to express yourself. While these tattoos may be painful than those applied to other parts of the body, they are much more simpler to hide, making them a great way to represent yourself, regardless of the designs you fancy.

Some wrist tattoo design ideas are mentioned below:

  1. Tiny Jet Plane Tattoo
  2. Stick-and-Poke Star Tattoo
  3. Delicate Semicolon Tattoo
  4. Zodiac Sign Wrist Tattoo
  5. World Map Wrist Tattoo

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