The Ultimate Travel Guide to Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray with Athabasca River
Aerial view of Fort McMurray with Athabasca River

If you are a laid-back traveler, interested in just unwinding in a tempting resort, or a fierce explorer who wants to see-it-all, it is always great to get off the couch of your Fort McMurray’s charming resorts and go on a voyage. Fort McMurray is scenic and vibrant, so there is no shortage of lovely things to do in this fantastic place.

How to reach Fort McMurray?

Fort McMurray Airport (YMM)is serviced by both Air Canada and Westjet and has numerous flights daily between Edmonton, Toronto, and Calgary.

Alberta Highway 63 is the only road in and out of Fort McMurray. It is matched by Highway 881 for about 180 kilometers. Driving north, Highway 63 is split up until the Athabasca River passing just south of Fort MacKay. At the same time, southbound is split up to Alberta Highway 55, near Atmore, Grassland, and Plamondon. Southbound traffic leaving town is overflowing between Thursday and Friday, while Sunday afternoons and evenings are the severest for northbound traffic coming back into the city.

Here is a list of the top things to do in Fort Mac.

Watch a Stage Show at Keyano Theatre:

The Keyano Theatre has a brilliant blend of performance options to suit all tastes. Check out their monthly event schedule and surprise your love with two tickets to this fantastic place.

Picnic Spots:

Having a memorable old-fashioned picnic will never go out of style. Pack up your wicker basket with a home-cooked (or take-out) gourmet meal and a few glasses of bubbly. More important than the food is the incredible location. Luckily, there are several places in Fort Mac where you can enjoy a romantic picnic with your date, including MacDonald Island Park, which is situated adjacent to the Athabasca River, in the Boreal Forest. Just watch out for the hungry bears!


If you’re not scared of heights (like my mama), a helicopter tour is an extraordinary experience, and you shouldn’t avoid it. It is an excellent opportunity to see all of Fort Mac and its spotless oil sands from an aerial panorama. Several companies offer helicopter tours in Fort Mac, including Highland Helicopters, Wood Buffalo Helicopters, Lakeshore Helicopters, and Delta Helicopters.

Horseback Riding:

Imagine yourself on an innocent horse’s back, dancing through the neat woods of Canada. Horseback riding is a unique and fun adventure.

Get a Massage:

Release your stress, and take your mind and body to the spa to relax at one of the many massage centers. The healing touch is highly refreshing and rejuvenating. The body experiences inner changes with the massage strokes, leaving you feeling flexible when it’s complete. A massage is a great chance to unwind your mind and improve your relationship with your body.

What to eat at Fort McMurray?

You can find fast-food chains such as Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, A&W, Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, Edo Japan, and Dairy Queen all over the town. Budget Pizza chains operating in Fort Mcmurray include Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Little Caesar’s, Pizza 73, and good old Papa John’s. For a more regional experience, don’t forget to try Western, Chinese, and Seafood in buffet-style restaurants in the town.

Staying Safe

Fort McMurray is known for its fiercely cold winters, with temperatures dropping as low as -40 °C. You must winterize your vehicle, equip it with winter tires, and plug for the engine heat block.

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