The Critical Role Of Nurses During Covid


The COVID-19 has stricken the world hard and put a halt on most of the regular activities. With the number of cases rising at an alarming rate and no cure at hand, governments had no choice but to administer lockdown. Everyday life took a 180-degree turn, and now, wearing masks, regular sanitization, and regularly washing hands has become mandatory. COVID-19 continues to change the situation by the day; cases seem to rise and fall, depending upon the public’s precautions. Nonetheless, the virus is still in the air, and people are catching it left and right.

The Healthcare sector is struggling hard in keeping up with the influx of patients. Doctors and nurses are at significant risk as they deal with several patients every day and expose themselves to a substantial danger. Nurses are working relentlessly and putting their lives at risk to provide adequate care to the patients. Since the number of patients has hiked up insanely, nurses are putting in long hours at work. They have earned the titles of frontline soldiers, as they are fighting with tooth and nail to safeguard people’s lives.

Nurses are a crucial aspect of the healthcare system. Below we are giving an inclusive guide on how nurses are playing an active role in combatting virus:


The outbreak of COVID-19 was unprecedented, and healthcare sectors found themselves in an exhausting position overnight. The information about the virus was gradually emerging. Healthcare workers had no choice but to deal with patients as per their insufficient knowledge. Still, nurses did not falter and showed a willingness to educate themselves. Several are still going out of their ways and are enrolling themselves in DNP online programs to get advanced training and insight into the latest medical technology. Since the online programs give the freedom of adapting schedules, many nurses are educating themselves and serving in the healthcare sector simultaneously.


Nurses come into the professional field after going through rigorous training and years of education. They earn a nursing degree and get an in-depth insight into the field of healthcare. Nurses know the details of the deadly virus and are using their knowledge to educate people around them. Despite the effects of a virus, some people do not understand the severity of the virus. They believe that it is a hoax created by some maligned forces to gain some evil motives. Nurses can present facts and figures and raise awareness among the public regarding their knowledge and experiences. Moreover, when understanding comes from nurses, people understand that it holds some weight and take it seriously.


Nurses are not shying away from fulfilling their duties. Instead, they are putting themselves at the backend to ensure that the affected people receive adequate care. The COVID-19 has put a strain on most healthcare facility centers. Many have an overwhelming number of patients but not enough nursing staff. Moreover, the virus affects people in different ways.
In many cases, a patient’s condition, which appears stable, deteriorates in a few hours. Many nurses perform more than their designated work and often fill in other healthcare staff’s shoes. Nurses are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the patients get adequate treatment.


The epidemic COVID-19 transformed the nursing sector’s functioning, and they did not get time to adapt to the change. Healthcare as a whole has come under pressure and is trying to cope with it. Nurses are working alongside other healthcare staff, and in times of emergency, often perform lab technicians and doctors’ duties. Hospitals and clinics with a teamwork culture can manage well, even with an overwhelming number of patients. Nurses have active involvement in the evaluation and monitoring of the community. They analyze patients’ data, take their tests, and continue to serve as a right hand to the doctors.


Patients get an emotional setback when they learn they have tested positive as the thought of isolation is disturbing for many people. The news is creating a chaotic situation as it tells the rising cases and the number of deaths. Apart from raising awareness for precautionary measures, the media continually attempts to educate people that the virus is threatening and needs extra vigilance. The virus often leads to the collapsing medical condition of patients in a few hours. Aside from physical medical condition, they go through emotional turmoil.
On the other hand, patients’ family members also suffer emotionally, as they have to put the patient in isolation. Nurses are coming forward in providing adequate emotional support. They lend their shoulders to cry when someone loses a loved one to coronavirus and offer condolences.


You cannot preach what you do not practice, as people do not find worth in your words. Nurses have added responsibility on their shoulders, as they are the role model for the public. When people see nurses not following the standard operating procedures, they think the virus is not severe. Nurses realize that their careless attitude may give people a false idea. They may start considering the necessary precautionary measures useless. Nurses are role models of healthcare, and people look up to them. Nurses deal with people from all walks of life. Many do not have access to other awareness mediums and take nurses seriously.


Nurses carry a smile all the time, and they exhibit positive vibes. Generally, their motivation level stays high, and they do not seem to falter on minor things. The COVID has changed their functioning, and nurses are working round the clock and putting in earnest efforts. Due to exhaustion, their motivation level goes down at times, and they do not find the strength of continuing with their work. The care of the public and a sense of responsibility are deeply engrained in them, which keeps their spirits high, and they get back on their soles in no time. Furthermore, they serve as a motivation factor for other healthcare workers.


Nurses are a strong pillar of the healthcare sector, and amid COVID-19, their responsibility has doubled up. They are taking part in screening, educating the community. They are working side by side with other healthcare to provide patients with proper treatment. Nurses perform multiple duties, including prescribing medicines, conducting tests, recording data, and providing emotional support. Nurses are the superheroes who do not wear capes but work hard to enhance humanity. Today, when the world is undergoing a medical emergency, nurses are not stuttering but ensuring that they provide the best care to the affected people.

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