The Best Boxing Gyms in Austin, TX

Boxing is a popular pastime and workout regimen that people all over the world swear by. Not only does this high-intensity activity get participants up and moving, but it also serves to keep them fit and healthy.

So, where does one go to box in Austin, TX? Well, since everything is bigger (and better?) in Texas, there are actually quite a few great places to go for your boxing fix — and today, we’re going to share them with you.

Here are 5 of the best boxing gyms in Austin.

5 Awesome Austin Boxing Gyms

Legends Boxing

Located in South Austin, Legends Boxing is a top-tier boxing gym that provides its clients with a place to let off steam, build  and maintain their strength, and make new friends. The team of coaches at Legends love what they do and whole-heartedly believes in each and every one of their members.

When it comes to what the gym offers, sky’s the limit. Here, you’ll find a large selection of both in-person and virtual classes. Each class is roughly an hour long.

If you aren’t sure if boxing is for you? No worries! Legends allows visitors one free workout just to test the waters.

Easley Boxing and Fitness

Easley Boxing and Fitness is one of Austin’s newest gyms. It boasts a friendly atmosphere and plenty of supportive staff, as well as a convenient, easy to get to location in the South Central part of the city.

Easley offers its members a variety of fun group classes, private lessons, and supervised sparring sessions. The facility also gives members an opportunity to socialize during open gym hours, which are daily Monday through Saturday.

TITLE Boxing Club

TITLE Boxing Club is one of Austin’s only gyms that offer hands-off, contact-free boxing and workouts. These workouts ensure that equipment isn’t shared, hands are covered throughout each session, and that social distancing is implemented.

The gym welcomes people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and fitness levels, as well as anyone and everyone who is looking for a new hobby.

If you’d prefer to experience what TITLE has to offer from the comfort of your home, you can! All you have to do is sign up for TITLE’s virtual sessions, which can be streamed from any device anywhere.

HIT Athletic

HIT Athletic is your athletic home away from home. Here, you can find everything from cycling  and yoga to boxing and kickboxing — all in one location! The gym also offers child care for members, various classes, and youth training programs to keep the whole family entertained.

When you visit HIT Athletic, you get to monitor your progress using the facility’s HIT Tech devices, which use biometric data such as heart rate.

Black Widow MMA

Offering everything from MMA classes and boxing to just-for-fun classes, Black Widow MMA has a program for everyone. Working at Black Widow is a team of dedicated fitness enthusiasts and talented coaches who want to see every member succeed regardless of what their goals are.

Black Widow also offers a number of youth programs that are designed to teach youth self-defense, keep them healthy and in shape, and cure after school boredom.

To battle COVID-19, Black Widow has implemented sanitizing stations and requires all members and their visitors to wear a mask.

Whether you’re looking to get in shape or simply have fun, Austin has a boxing gym for you. Each of the gyms we’ve mentioned are known for their laid-back atmospheres and extensive class lists. This means that regardless of which gym you choose to visit, you won’t be disappointed.

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