The Best Boxes For Shipping

The boxes you choose for shipping can make or break your products (literally). No one wants to spend all of their capital on shipping, but likewise you do not save any money if your products arrive damaged. Plus a custom box can keep customers coming back, as they will never forget your brand.

With BoxGenie, you can design custom boxes to fit your brand. On top of that, our boxes come in a wide variety, so you can select the best box for your needs. We will help you design the best boxes for shipping

Custom Mailer Box

Our custom mailer boxes are easy to use and sturdy. Each box comes with dust flaps that will keep your products safe and clean as they make their way to your customers.

Our custom mailer boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, so they use recycled materials. This eco-friendly option can help your brand to take the necessary steps to become sustainable. Furthermore, corrugated cardboard is durable. This means if the mailman drops your package, there is an extra layer of cushion to help protect your products. This makes them perfect for shipping.

These boxes are perfect for shipping, especially if you sell subscriptions or other regular shipments. The custom designs will keep your customers watching for the post man. Plus, with sizes ranging from 4x4x2 to 14x10x4, there is a box that will fit all of your shipping needs, without leaving extra room and costing you more money.

One Piece Folder Box

One piece folder boxes are great for smaller packages. With sizes from 6x6x1 to 16x14x3, these are great for artwork and books.

As the name says, these boxes come in one piece. They are easy to construct and easy for your clients to open. The design is easy to print and customize, because everything prints onto one flat piece.

The one piece folder box is made of B-flute cardboard, so it is around 1/8” thick. This will add extra padding for your products. On top of that, the flat surface is great for printing, so your designs will come out crisp.

Shipping Box

These classic shipping boxes will remind you of the drab shipping boxes offered by other companies. However, BoxGenie’s boxes have delightful patterns and customization. You can design something from scratch, or you can use one of our pre-made designs.

Our shipping boxes are perfect for shipping larger items. They come in sizes from 6x6x6 to 20x18x12. This means you can fit all sizes and shapes within these shipping boxes. With plenty of options, you do not need to limit the products your company can offer.

These shipping boxes are also made of corrugated cardboard with B-flute cardboard. Extra padding will protect your products, without adding too much bulk. They are voluminous, so you can fit multiple products into the same shipping box. 

Triangle Document Mailer

Triangle document mailers are perfect for shipping cylindrical items. The triangular designs allow you to fill as much of the box as possible, while protecting your products, without leaving an empty space that you have to pay for. Triangle document mailers are great for shipping posters, blueprints, pictures, and documents.

Triangle document mailers offer more stability, and they will not roll away like cylindrical document shippers.

Sizes range from 3×12 to 3×36, so you can send posters of any size to anyone.

Shipping boxes is crucial for any business. Customizable boxes, like those offered at BoxGenie are perfect for maintaining your brand and inspiring your customers. Our wide range of boxes offer options no matter what you are shipping. With corrugated cardboard, you can have extra padding and an eco-friendly option.

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