The art of Contentment and removing envy

Do not be jealous of what others have if you are not inclined towards doing what they did to get it. Suppose you want something that severely, instead of acting jealous and envious, do what it takes to achieve it. If you push yourself to extremes and carve out a true path for yourself, you will get there. I used to be extremely jealous of my friends, mainly because I menopaused very early and couldn’t enjoy love.

I hoped that I had what they have; in fact, I wished that I had what they have, and they will not have anything left on them. I felt so anxious whenever I was around them because I thought I was no longer a girl. I also tried adjusting how I behave, act, and talk to fit into their circle. But I later realized that many of them were cheating on their partners, and their only talent was putting on a gorgeous lipstick.

So I asked myself, “what really made me jealous of what they have”? Lack of satisfaction. We do not need to have the entire world to be happy. What we have is enough. We should learn to be satisfied with what we have and allow the heavens above to do the job of providing. The heaven above will never leave you if you trust Him. Unfurl yourself; make yourself so important that no one can do without you. An essential thing in our lives is getting close to your passion. Enjoy passion, Have fun in the presence of something you love, and life will present you with all your heart’s desires.

I am passionate about writing. After nearly destroying my life dating a terrible, terrible person (Ron), I picked writing as a medium to find peace. I started writing one article a week and later invested 3 hours daily to finish a couple of detailed pieces.

The passion for writing helped me accept my body, the way it is. The love for reading helped me learn how challenging life can be for most of the world’s population and how I am blessed to have food on my table thrice a day.

I learned the art of finding happiness in my friends’ success stories and always thanking God for giving me a chance to restart after discovering the early menopause issues. I stopped judging. I stopped getting envious.

I understood that the gods know when you are ready and when that time comes, he makes everything properly fall in place within the blink of an eye. Do not let the lives of others be your standard.

It would help if you learned to be yourself because you are specially made and unique. We do not understand the people we envy behind closed doors. But rather, we see beaming smiles every day on their faces that make us feel they are perfect. Many of them will not tell you the reality about their real personality or true identity because they know you look up to them as icons or role models. There are some things we cannot change about ourselves. So get used to it and try to get over it ASAP.

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