Taurus Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

Overall, it’s going to be a good week in the area of love and relationship. It’s all the better for you if you are a single, as then the chances of starting a new and fruitful relationship are quite bright. However, don’t be in a hurry to carry forward your relationship to the next level. Try to understand your new relationship and don’t make any judgement in a hurry as stars foresee some challenges in any developing relationship. There are strong prospects of anger and depression in case you carry forward your relationship prematurely. As for married life, it needs more attention. You need to be less rigid while communicating with your life partner. Provide some space to your spouse and don’t let aggression come in between both of you. Please your partner with some special gifts and spend quality time with him/her. Avoid being practical in your marital life as it will make things tough.


You will achieve success in a project related to higher studies. Sports students will get success in their pursuits after putting in a lot of hard work. However, you will need to be careful about your health. You should keep on practising without getting frustrated or aggressive about the slow pace of progress. Students have to have patience if they want to get the desired results. You should maintain a routine and stick to it very strongly. Also, sports students may get the opportunity to visit a foreign country as a part of some sports event or contest. Other students will get success in competitive exams. Those of you who are pursuing distance learning courses may get success in their academic pursuits.


It will be a mixed bag for you in health and well-being during this week. You are advised to have a proper plan and you should adhere to it firmly. If you follow your health regime, you will have hassle-free days and stress-free routines. If you do multiple tasks at the same time and overstress yourself, it will affect both your physical and mental health. All this may also affect your sleeping pattern, which can increase challenges and difficulties for you. If these factors are not reigned in, it may even weaken your immunity. You may also face digestion related issues. You should be very careful in two aspects: avoid eating outside food and eat light & healthy diet.


This week will have both good and bad things on the money and finance fronts. Also, you may have to spend a lot on getting yourself treated for health issues. On the other hand, if you are seeking a loan, you may be able to get it easily. There may be some issues in the paperwork related to the loans but that problem will gradually subside and things will be fine by the time the week comes to an end. You may have to incur expenses on matters related to a government department. This is not an auspicious time to make any major investment in property. There may be sudden expenses in business this week. You may also have to spend on the requirements of your inlaws and family members. You should try to clear all your pending expenditures. You may also buy some electronic gadgets which will incur expenses.


This week is about being patient at the workplace. You will be lucky; also your seniors will appreciate you for your hard work and determination. You should avoid being aggressive and not have over expectations. If you are aggressive and think negatively, it may take you in the wrong direction. Several planets are going to influence your thoughts and intelligence. You need to maintain your daily routine so that you face lesser hurdles and are not disturbed. If you are not punctual and do not respect time, a mess may happen at your workplace. There will be loads of workload in your office. There may take place an important meeting in your workplace. Be practical, not emotional at the office.

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