Taurus Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd Jan 2021


Love and Relationships

You may go on a small trip with your partner this week. At the same time, you may face some disagreement with your partner on family matters. Avoid any unnecessary discussions with your partner and just enjoy your trip. You may arrange a small celebration with your partner and other family members. You all may also go out on a trip to a foreign country or some holy place of worship. Only if you adopt a positive approach, you will get good results in your marital life. It is a good time to surprise your partner with a fabulous gift. This gesture will strengthen the bonding between you and your partner. If you are single, you may get a relationship proposal.


If you are a student, you will need to concentrate on your studies because stars are predicting the likelihood of distraction or a sense of laziness. This can affect your studies. To beat this scenario, you can join any yoga or meditation class. It will help you get back your focus. Besides, you may also face some health issues, which may disrupt your study schedule. If you are a research scholar, you are likely to be successful in your assignments; the same holds for you if you are pursuing any distance learning course. Avoid getting closer to the wrong people, also shun all the negative thoughts. Good health is important for your good performance in studies.


During this week, you should be very careful about your health. You may develop problems like a strain in the eye and pain in the leg. Your health issues may require medical treatment which may cause unexpected expenses. If your immunity becomes low, you may face additional charges in your day-to-day life. You are advised to have a healthy diet and be regular with yoga and exercises. You may also develop issues in the teeth. You are advised to get your teeth checked at regular intervals of time. Your heavy workload may even disturb your sleeping pattern. You should avoid using electronic gadgets before going to sleep. Do meditation to stay hale and hearty.


You may try to save some money but your savings may get disrupted due to some sudden & unexpected expenses. You may also incur expenditures on travelling and various domestic necessities. You may also go for some new investments in the business, which may give you good gains. At the same time, you will need sound financial planning so that you do not face any financial crunch. Take guidance from an expert and try to follow his/her financial advice. Besides, you may also incur expenses on the medical treatment of your family members. You may also spend money on undertaking a pilgrimage or in buying new clothes. Also, your maternal family members may seek some financial assistance from you. You may also spend some money on carrying out charitable activities.


You may finalise a good deal with a new business partner. Also, there is a strong likelihood that you may get a good rank or authority at your workplace. Before you email or message anything just cross-check the contents of what you are sending so that there are no hardships due to any carelessness. Communication and commitment are going to play an important role in the workplace and in business too. You may have to undertake sudden business trips. You will get all the needed help and guidance from your seniors which will help you rise and grow. You will be very lucky this week. However, there is the possibility of some ego clashes with the seniors which need to be dealt with carefully.

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