Taurus Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

You may face challenging situations in your love life. Married couples may have an average week. It will be good if you take a break from your busy schedule and go out on short trips with your spouse. Ensure that you use the right kind of words while interacting with your partner. And adhere to your goodness. The forthcoming week may bring pleasant surprises for you. However, stress and lack of communication may put up some hurdles along your way. Be tactful and resolve all matters efficiently. Give space to your partner, let him/her express himself/herself. Those who are in love may have some disagreements, however, ego clashes will only bring anxiety to your life. A secret relationship may blossom slowly.


It’s going to be a good week for academics. But students will need to stay away from distractions (various luxuries) and stay focused to get the desired results. Those who are inclined towards occult sciences or tarot reading may find the week interesting. You may learn new things in these areas. Those who are pursuing language courses or are into research work may excel beyond all measures. For the students who are into fashion designing courses or fine arts, you will carve out a niche for yourselves in your respective fields. Also, functions or celebrations at school may enliven the spirits of students and teachers. For you, self-study will be a better option than group study as the latter may involve a lot of arguments and distraction.


On the health front, it is going to be an excellent week for Taurus natives who are fighting past ailments. You may head towards making a quick recovery. If you are grateful for the things that you have received in life, you may come out of your stress and anxiety more easily. Meditation and yoga may play a pivotal role in helping to lower your stress levels. Besides, you should avoid having lunch or meals at late hours. Also, be careful with your vehicle. Avoid excessive speeding as you may be vulnerable to accidents this week. Negativity may disrupt your flow and physiological health. Make sure that you are always filled with positive thoughts as it may help you fight challenges that you may encounter on the personal and professional fronts.


It may be a mixed bag this week for Taurus natives on the money & finance front. The students who are pursuing higher education will see their educational expenses rise sharply. On the other hand, you may earn good money if you go out on professional trips. Also, you may organise religious activities or venture out to foreign countries, which may raise your expenses. Your father may come to your rescue and provide you with financial assistance if you run short of money. Even your siblings may help you financially. Entrepreneurs may make big business gains during this phase. Office professionals will also make good progress with the help of seniors and mentors. There is a possibility that you may get an increment.


Honesty and determination will help you get your desired results. However, you should avoid getting into aggressive arguments with your business partners or colleagues, to maintain a peaceful week at work or in business. Ensure that you don’t ask for any change in the workplace. Businesspersons may find the week suitable to finish off their pending work. The occurrence of an unplanned expenditure in a business plan may increase your overall expenses. You should analyse your plan now, much before you put it into execution. Those who are into research work will accomplish their targets. You may be assigned new projects which may increase your workload and bring up your stress levels.

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