Taking Care of Your Sexual Health This Pandemic

2020 has become one of the toughest years for most of us since the start of the worldwide lockdown in March. We are forced to stay inside our houses because of the global pandemic COVID-19 and it brought us to the “new normal” we are experiencing now — limited access to public spaces, restricted interactions and gatherings, a lot of businesses shutting down, and more. Since then, a lot of people have seen this as an opportunity to spend more time focusing on themselves, trying to improve their well-being and health amidst a crisis. And this is what we want you to do, but this time, focusing on your sexual health. Remember that well-being and sexual health has a two-way relationship wherein one affects the other, and vice-versa.

Here are the things that you should follow to avoid any sexual problems and dysfunctions while you are stuck at home:

1. Stay physically active.

Even though you are not into working out, it still important to get your body moving. Find a good sport that let you move even you are just inside your home — even just walking around can help. The endorphins you release by being physically active have a direct effect on your sexual health.

2. Stick with a healthy diet.

A healthy balanced diet is always a must to maintain great overall health. This lockdown can be an opportunity for you to create meal plans that cover all nutrients that your body needs every day.

3. Get the right amount of sleep.

There are two types of people during this pandemic, those who sleep less and those who sleep too much. Now, what you want is to be the third person — someone who sleep for seven to nine hours. Abnormal sleeping patterns can negatively affect your immune system. Regular lack of sleep can cause lower estrogen and testosterone and result in problems like erectile dysfunction.

4. Be mindful of your screen time.

Now that we are stuck at home with all of our devices, sometimes people feel like they do not have a choice of activity except to continuously scroll and tap all day long. Little did they know that the excessive amount of screen time can affect their sexual health. Studies have shown that too much exposure to the radiation emitted by cell phones can cause impotence, especially to men. If you could, limit your screen time per day to only a couple of hours or designate a day where you won’t be having any. This may be hard especially during this time that we rely on technology so much, but remember that an improvement, however small, has a huge benefit.

5. Consult your clinic regularly.

You might be thinking, “how can I visit my doctor during the lockdown?”. Fortunately, you do not have to risk going out and potentially contracting the virus just to have a regular consultation. Online clinics that specifically attend to cases related to sexual health are now available for consultation. The process is surprisingly fast and convenient. Visit this link to know more: https://www.numan.com. Having regular consultation with a medical expert will help ensure that you are in a good condition — detecting early signs of problems and avoiding them from worsening.

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