Styling Tips on a Budget

Looking attractive is something that everyone wants. Mostly, we associate our looks with various factors like just clothes, our face, hair, etc. But, looking stylish has little to do with these things in particular. 

One can look stylish by following some simple steps and combining more than one item to wear. Just like shoes for ladies are a big game-changer, there are various accessories like ties, boots, or socks that allow men to put their real self forward and look stylish. 

Many times, young adults are looking for inexpensive options to wear and look their best. This is mostly true for the college-going generation who are mostly low on budget but just stepping into their own skin and personalities. Madison reed promo codes would certainly ease your confusion.

It is very important to be able to project a healthy image of yourself in the world because this is how we express ourselves. Fashion is all about being confident in our own unique skin and flaunting it with style. 

In our world today, social media has a huge impact on our daily lives. From the people we communicate with, the food we eat, the jewelry we buy, and even the celebrities we follow and know all about, the things we see on social media affect our personal lives in a great way and determines our choices too. 

This is how trends come. An influencer may start a trend with say a hairband and the next thing we know is every follower of them using them from the next day forth. 


Although trends are not a bad influence, there are always some classy tips to follow without being very concerned about whether or not they would be accepted in society. These tips are evergreen and work positively for everyone. The best thing, they are all inexpensive to try. 


One of the most underrated pieces of accessories is footwear. Many people tend to not give enough focus and thought towards what they wear on their feet. Surely clothes attract the most attention and focus but footwear creates a subtle impact on one’s personality and style. 

One thing to keep in mind when choosing or buying shoes for ladies is to make sure to buy good quality items with neutral colors so that they can be matched with a variety of clothing items. 

Men can pair up sneakers, crocs, sandals, and boots with almost any clothing item. Women should make sure to own a traditional pair of sandals and most importantly, good old-fashioned heels or stilettos as they have multiple uses. 


If you are on a budget and still want to make a statement with a confident look, go for easy clothing items like t-shirts and jeans but use bold and bright colors. Different colors have different psychological impacts on the observers and bold colors scream confidence and style. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual shades of greens and pinks and pair them up with neutral jeans or trousers. Wearing them with confidence is what will give you the edge. The bolder the better. 


Accessorize any look with a number of statement jewelry pieces. One can pair up traditional jewelry items like jhumkas with modern clothing to create a fusion look. 

Simple silver jewelry is easily available in markets these days and even on a number of online platforms. No need to buy precious stones and metals to burn a hole in your pocket. Buy some oxidized silver jewelry pieces like chokers, necklaces, and rings and pair them up with any clothing items like sarees, suits, t-shirts, or kurtis. 

One can also find multiple uses for necklaces like using them as belts with sarees or other clothing items. 


If you have the confidence for it, then you can also try to wear different and absurd geometric patterns. A number of stylists suggest wearing lined patterns for one to look toned and slim. 

Geometric patterns can also be styled with other clothing items according to one’s preferences and worn on special occasions or even in everyday life. Many sellers also make sarees in various patterns for an edgy yet traditional look. 

Using different fabrics is another technique to spruce up a seemingly boring look. One can opt for fabrics like organza, silk, khadi, or jute in everyday life to make their daily looks more edgy and stylish. 

Different fabrics can also be paired up together or with other patterned clothing items to make a statement and be stylish. 

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