Six Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage


If you have stiff muscles and general physical or mental health issues, traditional Thai massage could be the solution you’ve been trying to find. It offers multiple health and wellness benefits proven by science to reduce pain levels and improve physical and psychological health. Though you might think it sounds similar to the more common Swedish massage style, they are actually very different. Thai massage involves the client lying on a floor mat while the masseuse uses their whole body to rock, stretch, and pull the limbs and muscles.

Therapeutic Massage Techniques Promote Health and Well-Being

Not just any facility specializes in traditional Thai massage, though. When you look for a spa, it should have licensed massage therapists with experience in the traditional Thai method. Find a clean and reputable business that genuinely cares for its customers and offers a personalized experience. For instance, one spa with experienced staff and modern, clean facilities is Jasmine Traditional Thai Massage in Canberra, Australia. Their therapeutic services include traditional Thai massage, Thai foot massage, foot reflexology, and luxurious body scrubs, and they offer a wide variety of massage packages.

A Brief History of Thai Massage and its Ancient Origins

Thai massage can trace its roots all the way to India and is believed to have origins in the teachings of the personal physician to Buddha himself over 2,500 years ago. The principles of Thai massage healing techniques are based on the idea of invisible energy lines running through the body. Here is where the Indian origins reveal themselves: the Thai style’s basic principles closely mirror the philosophy of yoga. The earliest Thai massage practitioners believed it to be an innately spiritual experience intrinsically entwined with Buddhism’s teachings.

Six Proven Health Benefits of Thai Massage

Due to the special techniques used in Thai massage, it’s also known as “Assisted Yoga.” First, the client lies fully clothed on a padded floor mat. The masseuse uses their hands, arms, feet, and legs to get leverage for rocking, pulling, and stretching the client’s muscles and limbs. One of the neat aspects of the Thai style is that the client is engaged in the process, gently helping the masseuse throughout the whole session. There are numerous benefits to the Thai style proven by science to improve mental health and wellness and aid in physical recovery.

1. Relieves Back Pain

Traditional Thai massage is an effective way to relieve back pain without resorting to pharmaceutical methods. It helps to loosen any back muscles causing long-term pain and will gently release tight clusters of stiff and knotted muscles, keeping them healthy and making the patient feel invigorated and refreshed. A study was held where half of the participants who had chronic back pain issues used Thai massage to relieve their pain. They showed a significant decrease in back pain by the end of the study.

2. Improves Circulation

The methods and techniques involved in Thai massage inherently aid circulation and increase blood flow, making the client feel energized and rejuvenated by the end of the session. The massage movements engage the client’s entire body, improving blood flow and bringing oxygen to muscles and tissues, which aids in cell regeneration and helps maintain heart health.

3.  Lowers Stress

Research has also shown that getting a regularly scheduled Thai massage is a proven way to lower stress levels. Too much stress has adverse effects on mental and even physical health and can be challenging to manage, especially with the current climate in America now that 2021 is here and Covid-19 is still going strong. Going to see a Thai masseuse regularly, even for 30 minutes at a time, can significantly reduce stress levels, reduce depression, and boost your mood.

4. Increases Energy

Traditional Thai massage is based on principles of energy lines running throughout the body, and its techniques can revive flagging energy levels. Practitioners believe that life energy, or prana, is absorbed into the body through our diet and the very air we breathe. There is a network of connected energy lines running through the human body, and Thai massage focuses on ten of the main lines to stimulate and circulate vital energy to the whole body. Since tight and stiff muscles create blockages in those energy lines, the Thai technique breaks up these blockages to let the energy course freely throughout the body and muscles again.

5. Greater Range of Motion and Flexibility

Since Thai massage utilizes stretching and pulling techniques to loosen the muscles, it allows for a greater range of mobility and flexibility. The gentle pulling and stretching gradually becomes more intense, and over time, the patient will enjoy increased flexibility in their muscles and joints. In fact, Thai massage also improves joint fluid circulation, reducing painful friction, and improving joint mobility for all patients suffering from a range of joint health issues.

6. Reduces Feelings of Anxiety

When you receive a Thai massage from a licensed masseuse, you are guaranteed to leave feeling calm, relaxed, and content. The peaceful rocking movements lower anxiety in patients and promotes feelings of mental calm. Research has shown that patients who received Thai massage had much lower anxiety levels and increased psychological relaxation than patients who underwent physical therapy techniques for the same issues.

How to Prepare for a Thai Massage

Before you go to a traditional Thai massage, there are some easy preparations to make to get the most out of your session. For starters, wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing, and if you are a first time client, arrive ten minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out the necessary health forms and paperwork. Don’t eat a heavy meal right before your session, and inform your masseuse of any health conditions you may have for precautionary reasons.

Enjoy the Relaxing Techniques and Many Health Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

If you suffer from anxiety, stress, stiff muscles, or back pain, traditional Thai massage is an excellent option to combat all of those issues. The hypnotic rocking and stretching motions help to improve circulation and blood flow to muscles and tissues and will leave you feeling relaxed, peaceful, and calm by the end of your session. Traditional Thai massage has a rich history going back to ancient times and has long been used for physical and spiritual healing. Book an appointment today and see the difference that Thai massage will make in your life!

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