Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

You will face tough situations in your love relationship wherein you will need to be very patient. Thus you will feel stressed at home. You should share your concerns and issues with your loved one and make him/her support you in this critical juncture. You should take good care of both your personal and professional lives. If you have been into a long-term relationship and planning to get married soon, this is the right time to take your first step. You may organise a family function around the weekend, which will make you meet your special someone if you are single.


It’s going to be a good week for learning. If you are a student, you will enjoy outdoor trips which will give you practical learning. The week is also good for students who want to learn management skills. You will be interested in people to people management and you will be clear with its concepts. Some of you may even learn Law and Accounting. It’s going to increase your knowledge and expand your horizon. There may be an uncommon opportunity for those who want to clear their finals in some subject.


Your work is indeed going well, however, this is also affecting your health, especially those who have been working for extra hours. There is a need to plan your work so that you can work in such a manner that it’s not too much and it doesn’t impact your health. If you follow a proper schedule, you will benefit a lot. Besides, elders may suffer from back and knee pain and it is advisable to be attentive to their medication. Avoid cutting short any medications. Parents should get their children or infants vaccinated and also provide other medications on time. Create a list of all the medications that you need to administer to your child. Prioritise it so that you give your child all the medicines that he/she needs and do not miss out on anyone.


Some of you may lose patience in certain testing situations. You may feel confused about your financial decisions during this week. Desist from making any deal, even if you have a little doubt or confusion else you may incur losses. You are advised to remain patient and show restraint in a speech to avoid any difficult situation which may, in turn, impact your monetary aspects. Also, do not confront your wealth manager. Your savings from the past will help you against any major issues. Businesspersons should take concrete precautions and keep their money under their gaze as there is a strong likelihood of thefts.


This week will bring in a great time to fulfil your ambitions and goals in your career. With effective planning, you will find success in all your endeavours this week. Your determination and confident approach will help you realise your goals. This will be all truer if you have started your professional life in the organisation recently. You will complete all your tasks on time. You should seem confident while handling your work. You will get appreciation from your seniors and colleagues. This week will be very favourable to you if you are planning to change your job. Also, stay very cautious and take intelligent decisions.

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