Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 31st Jan – 6th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

This week may be really interesting on the romantic front. You may experience some changes which may make your relationship better and stronger. Not only may you spend some good time together but also make some important plans for your future and your family. Married couples may enjoy their marital bliss. And the couples who are planning to have a child may hear good news around the weekends. All this is because of your dedication and good health which may make you happier. If you are single, you should wait for some more time to meet your perfect partner.


The week will be challenging initially to learn. You may not be clear with the concepts which will put you on the defensive. Make sure that if there is a need, you may take extra classes. Some of you may be happy to pursue a new language this week. This may aid your skillset growth. You should try your best to keep yourself away from any dispute at the school or college level, as it can cause suspension in extreme cases. Some of you may be interested in getting new concepts cleared through online learning. The efforts will certainly bring in good colours.


This week may not only bring peace on the health front but also some sufferings may come to end. Thanks to the strict medication that you have been following for a long time. Its results will only be positive starting this week. Organizing your eating schedule so that they work most efficiently will help you to get a good balance. Also, you should go for some walks after dinner to keep yourself more active and agile. Your diet is something that you may fundamentally enjoy. If you are planning to travel somewhere, don’t forget to take the first aid box with you. Mild injury is indicated this week.


This week may be full of ups and downs on the financial front. You should stay away from speculative investments as they may not be as fruitful, especially if you are working in a private firm. If you are working as a businessperson, you should keep your investments aligned with the new ventures that you are taking forward. This week may bring significant changes in your financial status. You should take care of your expenses and have a balance between your earnings and expenses.


This week may be a little stressful on the professional front. You should develop patience and concentration to do well at work. Even though your work may get easily accomplished, you should be more attentive. There may be tough situations which may cause fatigue and insecurity. The best thing is to avoid negative thoughts and start moving towards larger goals. The more people you ask, the more and more opinions you will get, making it increasingly harder for you to make a decision. At some point, you may need to stop soliciting advice and turn inward and listen to only yourself for the answers.

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