Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

It will be a good week for romance. If you are single, you will meet your special someone but this will come to you as a surprise. You must have not expected this anyhow because this person would have been your close friend. Those who are married can see some friction in their relationship. There may be arguments and ego clashes continuously. You should try to be normal in your conversation else there is the possibility of a temporary separation. If you have a plan to visit a nearby place, then the plan can be reworked. You should not get perturbed by this plan. You should stay calm & quiet and not become disappointed because of this reason.


Students will have a good time this week. Some of you may even get time to work and learn. What it means is that there is a good scope for an internship. But when it comes to exams, you should prepare for them thoroughly and well in advance. Do not take exams lightly or else you will fail in your life’s mission. Also, the week is good for competitive exams. Besides, some of you may get admitted to an institute in a foreign country. But you will have to work hard for the same. Some of you may also try for scholarships for higher studies. But you will have to wait for some time to get a scholarship.


From the health perspective, this week will be below average. You may develop a sleep disorder which is likely to make your life more difficult. There is a strong likelihood that some of you will suffer from infection even though it may not be very strong. You will need medications to overcome your infection. At the same time, you should stay away from any kind of addiction. Because if you get into addiction, it will cause another ailment which will be very difficult to deal with. You should control your diet and also take up some exercise to maintain your fitness. Avoid late-night partying to stay healthy. Even too much protein intake is not advisable.


In matters of money and finance, this week is going to be average. Investments may not bring the desired returns. You will need to stay away from investments that are risky and speculative. Once you lose the money, you may not get back the same. You should keep a good portion of your money in safe places like bank lockers, etc. There will be an increase in expenditures during this week. You may also incur some expenses on your medical treatment which may be necessitated due to some health issues. This expenditure will come up unexpectedly and abruptly. You can lookout for some new avenues to invest but these should be safe places.


Avoid experimenting with your career. Some of you may make the wrong decision regarding your career. If you are self-employed or are into a business, you should not spend excessive timings in meetings and discussions. You should also give importance to the execution part of the plan. If you fail, then you will miss a good chance as this week is a good time phase to carry out these business plans. You are likely to travel to a foreign destination. This trip may turn out to be quite rewarding and you may even get new clientele into your account. But you should be very careful while dealing in foreign exchange. You may be in trouble if you are careless with the foreign exchange.

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