Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 31st Jan – 6th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

You and your spouse complement each other. However, this understanding may not prevail this week. You may have arguments with your partner which can lead to ego clashes. Those who are in love but not married may formally propose to each other. The time may be good to accept the relationship and look forward to a bright future. There is a slight possibility that the single natives may find someone interesting this week. He/she may be your office colleague or even your neighbour. Slowly your romantic relationship may blossom. Again, the week is good for natives whose loved one stays very far. The two of you may plan to meet each other this week.


This is the week for learning and improving your performance. If your past test did not go well or was average, now you will get the time to work on the same. Try to improve your working conditions, it may enable you to score well. The students who are preparing for board exams may have a tough time preparing for their exams. You may prefer studying at your friend’s place, which is good. Make sure this session does not become a place of gossip centre or else all your energy will go to waste. Take your learning more seriously this week.


You have taken good care of your health. This will be reflecting in your body now. But, do not be lenient in your diet plan and exercise. You may slowly develop an interest in swimming. It may improve your health. You may reduce your weight. This may improve your fitness. Your immunity may also improve. Those undergoing any treatment may get free from the same now. Some of you may need to continue with restrictions of diet and carry on with the medication. You should keep yourself cool and focused.


Financially, this week may be good. Especially for the natives who are into business. New avenues may open up. You may clinch a foreign deal, which may improve your earnings. Your bank balance will be high. If you are expecting a weekly bonus, you may get it. You may make little efforts towards implementing some innovations and you may easily put them into practice. If you invest in commodities like gold and silver, you may` get better returns. If you are repaying any loan, it will be on track this week, which may improve your credit rating.


The week may be good for the natives who work hard. All your weekly targets may be achieved before time. Your seniors may pat you on your shoulders. If you are planning to start a part-time business (which is about your hobbies), you may succeed. However, planning is a must as it should not affect your existing work or business. Some of you may plan to be a part of net-work marketing which may help you expand your social network. New friends or associates are likely to be more rewarding and helpful at this juncture. Keep a low profile initially.

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