Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd Jan 2021


Love and Relationships

You will enjoy an interesting romantic relationship this week. Your mutual understanding will be high. However, some of you will be in an argumentative mood. This will not be good as silly fights and disputes are likely to be there. You should set aside your ego. For married couples, disputes with in-laws are on the cards. Try your best to avoid arguments as it won’t help you. However, some of you can plan to raise a family. If you have been planning for long, then some of you may even conceive a child this week. You should take good care as this may be your first child.


If you are a student, you will be careless in your learning this week. The parents will be worried about their children’s performance. This approach will not help students. You should focus on your studies. Also, if you are planning to take up competitive exams, the results will be encouraging, if you work hard. Seek some additional mock tests which will enable you to improve your learning. Besides, there is a likelihood that some of you may suffer from poor retention. You can improve it if you undertake some meditation. Students of the fine arts will also do well this week.


Some of you will take a pledge not to take any addiction. However, you may face a challenging time. Spending money on addictions is not going to improve your health and even late light partying should be avoided. The natives who are interested in adventurous sports can suffer from injuries. You should ensure that you carry a first-aid kit on your trip. Also, make sure that your diet is with some restrictions. You can suffer from ailments if you are not careful. Your sleep disorder problem will finally be over.


This week will be average for you. Some of you will earn from unexpected sources. You may feel tempted to invest in commodities, However, you should make an informed decision. Do not seek the advice of non-expert financial advisors as you may end up paying a huge price against the value that is not likely to improve. Also, some of you will seek credit assistance from a bank. This can cause some delay but not denial. If you are into business, they have a working plan for your business. Else you may not be able to convince your lender. Be genuine in your approach while seeking credit.


A new role within your existing job is likely to come your way. Some of you will be happy with this role but it will demand more effort. Besides, in case you are handing over your job to someone, ensure that the handover is done properly. Also, some of you will be in a position to overcome career politics. But this will not be easy, as it will be very difficult to set aside the provocations from your rivals. If you are planning foreign travel, then there can be some delay in visa approval. In business, you will get more earnings from new clients. But avoid credit deals and have clear cut agreements in place.

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