Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th Jan 2021


Love and Relationships

Love life and relationship will blossom as you and your life partner will respect each others’ views and opinions. While conversing with your partner, you will need to be careful about just two things, courtesy and politeness. But this should not be mechanical. A genuine feeling of love & affection should gush out from inside you. Despite this, you may not be very impressed with your partner’s conduct. However, your affection will pay rich dividends in the latter days as your partner will acknowledge your goodness. When the week comes to a close, your life may get more cheerful and joyous. You will have celebrations with your family members and partner. Children may join the party.


Learning and acquiring education will go on well this week. Students appearing in any competitive exam will do well. However, the success rate will depend upon the efforts that you will invest around this time. Those who are seeking admission to educational institutes in foreign countries will get some success. Besides, some of you will need the support of your mentors. Their guidance will be important to crack difficult tests. Overall, if you take up full responsibility, you will do well in your efforts. Students who are interested in music or sports will have an average week. Maybe they are lacking in their efforts and focus.


Some of you will be highly concerned about your health. Those who are undergoing treatment for diabetes or blood pressure are advised not to be lenient with their health. Take your medicines on time and this will keep you fit. Do not oversleep as some of you may be lazy during the week. You should try not to overeat or else it may increase your weight and cause health issues. Again, the natives suffering from food allergy are advised to be more careful. If you party a lot, it can cause problems like a food allergy. It can be a difficult phase for you if you are not careful of your health and diet.


Your spendings will be moderate initially. However, as the week proceeds, it will slowly rise daily. You will have to use your savings which is not good. Some of you may be tempted to take loans or credit this week. It may be dangerous to take personal loans if you are careless, then you can lose the money that you have taken for this purpose. Investing in stocks and real estate will be rewarding for some of you. But make sure that you go for long term plans. Strictly say no to lending cash this week as the money that you lend may not come back shortly.


Some of you may appear in an interview this week. Besides, there can be a change in your fortune as you will easily crack the deal. However, you should negotiate the offer efficiently, else you will regret the decision in future. There will be an option to work from home, which can excite you even more. Business plans may not fetch you good results. So, put a halt on all the business plans for the time being. Thus, the week will be moderate for self-employed and business natives, however much better for the natives who are into service or job.

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