Renowned Dentist & Top Athlete: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby , is an Absolute Inspiration for those that Aspire to Achieve their Dreams


Desires begin with a dream that you acknowledge with open eyes and transform into an absolute reality with sheer hard work and determination. Fulfilling one dream especially if it is world class is considered tremendous, but what if you had multiple dreams and managed to build a name and fame out of it? Well, that is a question only a rarity can answer, such rarity is Dr Ali AlSaqoby , having multiple big dreams that is transformed into a glorious success. Gracing top international publications and magazines was inevitable for this individual whose talents shined in various fields, leading to outstanding achievements as a Kuwaiti star with multiple talents from sports to entrepreneurship to dentistry.

Former scholarship student and current prominent dentist!

Dr Ali AlSaqoby hails from Kuwait’s affluent and established family. This is by no means have affected the celebrated dentist and top athlete independence. He was determined to go the path of working hard and creating a name based on his outstanding capabilities. His courage and intelligence had earned him a government paid scholarship that only elite and talented students can acquire, in which he leveraged to study abroad and graduate as a successful dentist from England. During his demanding studies, his athletic career as a soccer player turned soccer freestyler did not take a step back. 

One day he is in England working hard on his dentistry course, and the other he is in a different country either competing or performing at a world class level. He amazed the world with his soccer skills performances, a prominent one was in the world-renowned Expo Milan , it was a shock to everyone including journalists, they labelled him as the “EXPO Milan Star” and “Youth that exceeded all expectations” in their respected TV reports.

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Dr Ali AlSaqoby 

His feature circulated all local newspapers and beyond. Awarded as one of the most influential characters of the EXPO by the head of delegation demonstrated his success as a professional athletic performer with extraordinary talent. 

All of this has happened during his study! but did his study get affected attending a demanding course such as a dentistry student? His award as the second most talented dental student in the United Kingdom is the answer. His superior talents, hard work and charisma worked together perfectly to lead success in various fields without compromising a single aspect.

Nowadays, he is not only gained fame in the real world but also in social media, as he is enjoying a significant following in Snapchat and Instagram. Trafficking social media with his luxurious lifestyle and substantial work coupled with his humble personality, the young dentist has proved his bravery time and again. There are millions showering praises and getting influenced by Dr Ali display of his extraordinary lifestyle.

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Dr Ali AlSaqoby 

He certainly achieved excellent success in getting people to accept healthcare professions as many would think that doing such, demanding professions would steal someone’s free time of leisure and socializing which was debunked tremendously by the Kuwaiti talented young man lifestyle.

Soccer freestyle president of Kuwait with a new book soon!

Currently he is in charge of soccer freestyle in Kuwait and doing a great job in promoting it at its early stages. Organizing top notch championships such as the well-known Redbull streetstyle world championships qualifiers became a part of his achievements, since being appointed this role. His expertise of more than a decade of accomplishments is crucial to the growth of the sport at least locally, and in a larger scale he is currently working on his new book about the sport! something to look forward to since it will be written in English from an absolute expert in the field. One can only imagine what more does he have to offer for this new year! Check him out to find out and be inspired!

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