Release Stress with this Bracelet

Stress is something we all deal with and if you are like me, you are constantly looking for ways to relieve that stress and feel better. It can definitely be hard, but not impossible. Luckily, stress relief just got so much easier with the stress-free bracelet

A stress-free bracelet uses three different stones that have a specific purpose for stress relief. Each of the three stones are incredible for preventing stress from even starting. They are also useful for releasing any negative energy you might have.

Three Stones

Each of the three stones used in a stress-free bracelet have a specific purpose. All of the stones used to make the stress-free bracelet are 100% real, genuine, and natural. Because of this, the colors of the stone may vary slightly. This is what makes them unique. When they are used together, they work to eliminate stress before it even starts. So, what are they? Let’s talk them over!

Black Agate

The Black Agate is a courage stone. It allows you to react to events outside of your control in the best wat possible. It brings a sense of prosperity to bring you love, peace, and joy. It also works to activate the root chakra, which stabilizes you, gives you a sense of safety and strength, and helps you feel more grounded.

Black Obsidian

The Black Obsidian stimulates the base chakra which is the center of support, strength, and determination in your body. This stone is meant to help you move throughout life without worries, doubts, or regrets. An incredibly powerful stone, it is often used by people who are dealing with emotional pain and trauma. It works to free any pent-up energy that might be causing you to be irritable or annoyed.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

The Blue Tiger’s Eye is an effective stone and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to stopping stress. It works hard to reduce the urge to worry about things. You will also feel less anxiety and depression, because this stone releases calming vibrations. If you feel tired a lot, this stone will also help you feel more energized. 

When you wear the Blue Tiger’s Eye, you will be reminded that you don’t have to be uptight and stressed about everything. You will feel that it’s better to go with the flow and do things that make you happy.


The bracelets are offered as two different types: a 0.31″ and a 0.23″. This refers to the size of the beads made out of the stones. If you prefer a larger bead, you will want the 0.31″ and if you prefer a smaller bead, you will want the 0.23″.

There are also two different lengths offered. Your choice depends on how many times you would want your bracelet to wrap around your arm. The lengths are 3 layers and 4 layers, which depend on how you want your bracelet to look when you are wearing it. 


If stress is something you deal with on a daily basis and you just aren’t sure how to cope with it, you should give the stress-free bracelet a try. It uses natural stones shaped down into beads that let off stress-relieving energy. There are three different stones used in this bracelet: the Black Agate, Black Obsidian and Blue Tiger’s Eye.

When you wear this bracelet, you will naturally feel less stressed, less anxious, and more rested. This will make dealing with stress and anxiety an easier process, uplifting your mood all together. You can live in the moment and not worry about other factors.

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