Press Release: For Travellers, by Travellers – Time Travellers School of Hostel Management

Greetings from Time Travellers School of Hostel Management- Where Meaning of life is Traveling.

About Course:

Time Travellers Hostel Management Course is a holistic course for individuals to manage the functionality of a Hostel Single handily. The course will be to train individuals to operate on all the functions involved in running the hostel, from basic housekeeping to cooking, from marketing and sales to Arts and Event Management and handling various Hostel Management Software and guests, at the same time taking care of local tours and handling the security and privacy of the hostel. This course is for beginners, so we will also train you with life skills like how to light a bonfire or hitchhiking in an unknown land. The course will be of 12 days Extensive Program(Attached below). It’s designed by the founder Nikhil Shekhar Tilwani.

About the Founder

Twenty-eight years old Nikhil Shekhar Tilwani is a traveler by Profession. He trains people in Travelling and placements for six months in a year, and remaining six months, he travels around the country and plants Banyan Trees. Coming from a software background and finance, he has experience working for Goldman Sachs as a Contingent worker. Alumni of VIT University, Vellore with B-Tech in Computer Science and Technology. he has written a Research Paper for the International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research(IJSER) on Fair Election System in India using UID Data and Biometric Technology. He is also the Founder of House by The Sea Cafe and Time Travellers Hostel in Pondicherry, where he completed the functionality, architecture, design, marketing, and operations of Time Travellers Hostel single handily.

Nikhil Shekhar Tilwani also has a spiritual perspective towards a life where he practices Spirituality into practicality with a holistic vision towards life. He believes and is living in complete freedom within life itself. He has written an Article for Business World Magazine on Reality is Volatile.

He would personally be present throughout the course to uplift the individuals.

Team of Trainers:

We have a Vibrant Team of Various skills and arts for the training program- Artists, Hostel Managers, Musicians, Painters, Digital artists, Tattoo artists, Entrepreneurs, and influencers. These are the people who have found their IKIGAI and are on the journey to share beautiful energy and skills on various traveling industry levels and Hostel Management. All the Trainers are Full-Time Travellers and have cracked it.

Is this course for you?

If Travelling is your passion and you want to make a livelihood in Travelling. If you like socializing and meeting new people, seeing new places, eating fresh food and living on the mountain or by the sea, this course is for you.

How can you as a Hostel Owner be benefited?

We train you to hire. We are here to get reliable and trustworthy trained people to run your show. Once they go through the course of 12 days they will be taught the sensitivity and responsibilities of the hostel manager, so you as an owner can step back and watch the show while enjoying the freedom of Travelling.

As a Placement Partner you can hire individuals from Time Travellers Institute whenever you are in need. Also, if someone applies to your hostel for property management, you may recommend them to go through the Hostel Management Program for better functionality of your hostel.

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