Pisces Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd Jan 2021


Love and Relationships

You will need to keep your communication proper. You may exchange gifts with your love partner and also enjoy parties together, it will create sweet memories that you will share all through. Refrain from any communication gap. Well, there can be some miscommunication between you and your partner because of your friends’ intervention. Avoid any arguments or asking trivial questions to your partner. Any aggressive communication with your spouse can cause you stress and lead to gaps in your marital relationship. You should have a healthy conversation with your partner and spend quality time together. You should try not to restrict your partner into small things. In case there is a conflict between you and your partner, try to reach a compromise. This will bring you and your partner closer to each other.


Arts and music students will get success. It is a good time to participate in a competition. The students may need to go on short study tours. You should follow the suggestion of your mother and be regular with your studies. Self-study can give you a higher success this week. You will get the desired result. You will be inclined to read sacred scriptures and spiritual books. Research students may get success in their upcoming examination or project submission. A practical approach will help you in your studies. You should try to be calm while having a conversation with your mentor. This will enhance your confidence and luck.


You should avoid taking beverages outside the home this week. You can get a cold and cough and other health issues. You are advised to drive carefully and you should follow the traffic rules with discipline. You need to take care of your diet and especially the beverages & oils that you use in your food. You may develop heart issues, which can cause serious challenges. You should avoid arguments and unnecessary discussion before going to sleep. If you are careless about your diet, you can contract serious health issues. Also, there can be family disputes which may cause stress and sleeping discomfort.


A short business trip can give you success. You will make financial gains. However, you may also incur financial losses due to some issues with your siblings. You should not be aggressive while making a decision or while having a conversation with your siblings. You may have to incur expenses on education or academic courses that you pursue. You may also spend money on travelling or on getting your vehicle repaired. You will learn how to make small savings for the long-term. If you had given money to others earlier, you will get it back during this week. However, it is not a favourable time to take loan during this period.


Short trips will play an important role in your profession or business. If you become aggressive and get into arguments in the workplace, it can cause you a lot of stress. You may get additional responsibilities. You are likely to meet senior authorities. If you are into writing job or are pursuing a career in journalism, you may get financial increment. You will need to stay committed in your relationships. You may go out on small business or professional trips. You should be careful while sending emails and messages to your colleague. You may get a new job or the location of your workplace may change. Avoid impolite words with your seniors and don’t argue with them or else you may face difficult changes.

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