Pisces Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

The developments in love life and romance will be fine. You may get a marriage proposal from a friend or your proposal to someone may get accepted. You will get the chance to go on a small trip with your spouse. You will communicate with your partner and share your love and feelings with him/her. This will strengthen your relationship. As for married couples, they should keep their words and fulfil the promises which they make to each other. Married couples can get into a sudden argument or mood swing, it can be challenging. You should try to have a calm conversation and not overstress your spouse to do the things you want. Singles will fall in love with someone.


You may join courses to learn new languages. You might get success in higher studies. School students may get distracted in their studies. You should avoid the wrong people and the wrong company of friends. Be careful about your company in school or institution or else you may lose your purpose in life by getting distracted from studies. You will need some positive thoughts and motivation to do well in your education and examination. Students may get admission to a foreign college. You may develop an inclination to learn philosophy, religion or spirituality. You might get an important project or opportunity in your school or college.


You should give a high priority to your health. You can become very busy because of the huge workload at the office and the unavoidable family responsibilities at home, however, you are advised not to ignore yourself. The transit of planets predicts that you need not overstress yourself with unwanted thoughts. This can cause sleeping discomfort. Your children’s health may also get affected. Sudden arguments with family members can cause stress-related health problems. You should strive to maintain your immunity. You can get nerve-related problems. Avoid doing heavy exercise. Be cautious while travelling.


Overall, this week is going to be good in terms of financial growth. You will earn a lot of money from multiple sources. You will also make good savings during the week despite expenses. You may spend on small celebrations and also on your siblings. You may also buy gifts for your neighbours or go out on trips with them which will cause unplanned expenditure. Besides, you may incur expenses on religious activities, higher studies and journey to foreign countries. You can go ahead with taking home loans this week if you need it.


Chances are strong that you may change your current job. Besides, you should be prepared for unplanned expenditure in your business, you won’t be able to lessen it. You may have to undertake several short trips in connection with your job or accordance with the requirements of your profession. You should be cautious while sending emails. You should also have all the details of the meeting and projects that you are going to present this week. If you are into mass-communication or in a newspaper, you may get new work, which may be related to social media.

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