Online Rummy Tips and Tricks to Win in 2021

Thanks to the digital revolution, the ancient game of rummy has been brought to the online world where it has become easier than ever for everyone to play. While technology has been evolving, one thing has remained constant – online rummy is a game of skills and players need strategies to win big. 

Rummy being a game of skills has been acknowledged by the Supreme Court of India and documented by Deloitte in their survey of how skill gaming is changing the landscape of India. In the survey, the case of K. Satyanarayana V/s the state of Andhra Pradesh has been reviewed where the Supreme Court held that a game of rummy is not based on chance. Rather, it requires a certain level of skills to discard and hold the cards, memorize the fall of the cards and create a valid sequence of cards to win. Considering that there is big money up for grabs when you play rummy online, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to keep losses to a minimum and win big in 2021. 

Choose to play the right game of rummy based on your skills 

In online rummy, you get to select from various types of games, such as free to play, tournaments, and cash-based games. It is crucial to play the type of game that you’re most well-versed and comfortable with. Also, you must keep playing until you’re able to defeat expert rummy players. 

Cash-based games and tournaments are usually tougher because the stakes are high. This is why you must play free to play rummy games first to acquire considerable skills. Once you gain confidence in your skills, you can participate in tournaments or play cash-based rummy games. 

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Arrange the cards properly 

Arranging your hand cards is one of the most important rummy tricks to win. If there are sets and sequences that are clearly visible, you can arrange them together. You can keep the useless or unused cards together. By following this arrangement, you are not going to get confused when it is time to discard cards. 

You must aim for a pure sequence 

Your aim should be to create a pure sequence from the very start. This means you have to make a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. Also, note that a pure sequence is created without the use of a wild card or even the joker. If you work towards the creation of a pure sequence, you are going to reduce the points that you’ve collected toward the end of the game. 

High value cards should be discarded to keep your points low 

Yes, making a sequence is important. But, it is equally important to get rid of high point cards as quickly as possible. If you keep holding cards like, King, Queen, Jack or Ace in the hope of creating a sequence, it can be potentially dangerous. If the opponent declares before you, you’ll end up being stuck with a very high score. 

Be wise when it comes to using Joker 

In a game of online rummy, the joker is a very important card. This card can set you free whenever you get stuck. These cards are particularly helpful in completing a set of higher points or a run. You can create a second sequence using the joker even if you have a pure sequence. In case you have 2 sequences, you can use the joker card to create a sequence with high point cards. 

Always be alert and follow your opponent’s move 

Rummy is not just about your cards, but it is also about your opponents. You need to keep a close eye on the cards that your opponents are picking and discarding. Accordingly, you have to tweak your strategies so that you can win. For this, having a strong memory is going to help you win the game. 

Master the art of bluffing to win

One of the skills required for winning online rummy is keeping your opponents on their toes during the game. You can do so by making it difficult for them to easily track your game. For this, you have to figure out the sequence that they’re trying to make and keep holding on to the cards that they might need to finish their sequence. By doing this, you’re essentially denying the player valuable time on the table. 

Also, you can hoodwink your opponent by getting rid of low-value cards at the start of the game as opposed to discarding high-value cards, which is the common norm. This is known as the reverse bluffing technique and it is a good trick to make your opponents think that you have a good hand and that might prompt them to fold. 

Know when to drop out of a game 

Along with having a good memory and good rational thinking skills, knowing when to drop out is also a vital skill. This is particularly crucial when the game involves your hard-earned money. If you realize early on that you’ve been dealt with a bad hand, you can drop out as soon as you can. This way, you are going to have fewer points to deal with in the next hand even if you’ve lost some points in the beginning. 

Observe other players and practice

One way to improve your skills of playing rummy is by observing other players. You’ll notice that every player has their unique strategies to win a hand and you can consider them when it is your turn to play. You can observe your online opponents or even watch videos of seasoned players. 

Once you’ve observed other players and memorized the rules of the game, it is time to devote ample time to practice the game to ace it. Your skills can only be improved through constant practice. This is also going to make you confident and you’ll be able to come up with the new strategies without fearing the loss of money. 

Hopefully, these tricks and tips will help to hone your rummy gaming skills. 

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