NYK Review of AEW Dynamite: December 30, 2020

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This is an emotional episode, and I had constant tears as I saw how AEW paid tribute to Brodie Lee. I won’t do the usual ratings for the matches today as it is an emotional night, so I will just add the results. 

AEW starts with the complete roster on the stage as they remember Brodie Lee with a ten bell salute. Brodie Lee’s wife and son stood in the middle.

We get emotional statements from Jon Moxley, who shared his stories about the time spent with Brodie Lee. Jon remembers how they ordered Chinese meals at 2 am and shared hotel rooms in the past. 

Everyone love and support each other, brought together by this one thing we love- wrestling. And everyone comes together to honor a great human being and inspire others to love and appreciate the people gathered around them every day. Every day Jon Moxley spent with Brodie Lee was all the more special. He loves him from the bottom of his heart and will never forget him.

 Private Party and Matt Hardy vs. The Young Bucks and Colt Cabana

The Young Bucks and Colt Cabana win when the Young Bucks hit the Indy Taker, and Cabana covers with the Superman pin.

Winners: The Young Bucks and Colt Cabana

Post-match: The Acclaimed arrives in the AEW Ring. Max Caster announces he has something to say about Dark Order, but SCU comes running in! Young Bucks hit The Acclaimed with double superkicks, and a Boom Boom Drop destroys The Acclaimed as they hold up The Dark Order pose for the camera.

A Darby Allin testimonial opens with Darby revealing that he wanted to wrestle Brodie once he met him at Brodie Lee’s debut. He speaks about how “there was no ego with Brodie Lee.” He says Brodie Lee wanted “to lift everyone.” He ends his promo by saying, “he was the man by far. I wished I could’ve wrestled him.”

Before the fight, Eddie Kingston says, “Brodie! I love you. I miss you. The DarkOrder’s nothing without him, and we’re going to prove it, you cowards.”

The Butcher and The Blade vs. The Dark Order

The Dark Order wins with Fatality.

Winners: The Dark Order 

Post-match: Eddie Kingston slowly makes his way into the ring. Archer and Dark Order hit Kingston with strikes. Then Jake Roberts takes out Kingston with a priceless strike!

The next testimonial begins with an emotional video of Brodie Lee and photos of him and his family. Arn Anderson and Colt Cabana share their memories and how much of a family man he was. Referee Bryce Remsburg remembers Brodie and their memories together of talking about their families. He concludes by saying, “If there was a Mount Rushmore of wrestling dads. I think Brodie Lee should be on that face.”

The Dark Order and Adam Page Vs. The Inner Circle

The Dark Order wins the match when John Silver hits Brodie’s discus clothesline in another tribute to Lee.

Winners: Adam Page and The Dark Order

Post-match: John Silver is emotional as Erick RedBeard (Eric Rowen from WWE) joins Dark Order in the AEW ring and holds up a sign that says, “Goodbye, for now, my brother. See you down the road.” This was emotional, really emotional. Eric Rowen and Luke Harper have been together since their debut, and I can feel what Eric might be going through. Stay strong, my friend.

 An Eddie Kingston testimonial plays as he says how much he will miss Brodie Lee. He tells Brodie Lee’s kids that he’ll never be gone as long as you dearly remember him. He tells Brodie Lee’s kids how much Brodie Lee loved them and how good a family man he was is.

Anna Jay and Tay Conti Vs. Dr. Britt Baker and Penelope Ford

Anna Jay wins with a submission. Ford taps out as the match concludes.

Winners: Tay Conti and Anna Jay

Post Match: Tony Schiavone comes in as he interviews Britt Baker. Baker called him into the ring. Dr. Baker says she’s tired of “the conspiracy around here.” She says everything is rigged. Thunder Rosa runs in for the beat down! Rosa beats down Dr. Baker as Rebel, and the referees try to separate them.

Chris Jericho begins another emotional tribute video (I am in tears) where he notes that he and Brodie wrestled 27 times. That’s impressive. He recalls wrestling him at Saudi and talks about how smart Brodie Lee was, where he noticed that an arrow in the hotel room was pointed to Mecca. He confirms that he brought Brodie Lee to AEW, and he proved that he could be a main event level star. He said Brodie Lee came to his house one day and his dog, who usually doesn’t like strangers and people he hasn’t met before, greeted him warmly, proving how great of a person Lee was. He ends by saying, “I love you, Brodie. We are going to miss you. We promise to take care of your kids and wide.

Before the match, Orange Cassidy gives -1 a fist bump as he, Cody, and Ten were handpicked for this fight because they are Brodie Lee Jr.’s beloved wrestlers.

Team Taz Vs. Orange Cassidy, Cody Rhodes, and Ten

Cody Rhodes sends Ricky Starks into Ten for a modern spine buster for the win.

Winners: Cody Rhodes, Orange Cassidy, and Ten

Post-match: Cody hugs Ten and says something in Ten’s ear. Cody Rhodes tells Ten to pose on the corner. Team Taz comes in and takes out Orange, Cody, and Ten. Lights go dark, and it’s Darby Allin! Darby Allin emerges from the back with his skateboard, and the lights go out again. It’s Stinger! Sting also arrives from the back as he and Sting make their way to the ring. Team Taz is on the ramp covered in snow as Sting and Darby join Cody, Orange, and Ten. The two sides stare each other down.

Cody is now in the ring alone with a mic in hand. A “Brodie” chant breaks out from the crowd as Cody fights back the tears. Cody talks about the many tales everyone has told about Brodie Lee and the remarkable impact he’s had on everyone. Cody Rhodes mentions that there aren’t many people that have that kind of impact across many pro-wrestling companies. Cody Rhodes introduces -1, Brodie Lee Jr., who comes out with his mother, Tony Khan, and Ten.

Cody Rhodes gestures for -1 to leave Brodies Lee’s boots in the center of the AEW ring as Rhodes leaves his bandana on top of it. This is getting more emotional, and my heart feels heavy A spotlight is shown on the memorial. Tony calls Brodie Lee “the greatest TNT Champion they’ve ever had” and ends up announcing Brodie Lee Jr. as TNT Champion for life. (this was confirmed on Twitter as well) Tony Khan thanks the crowd and ends the show with a tribute video showing clips and pictures from Brodie Lee’s wrestling career and his life.

My Thoughts on the show: This was the most emotional wrestling show of recent times. Luke Harper (Brodie Lee) was an extremely talented wrestler and a remarkable family man. I am not rating this episode, but we will be back next week with AEW’s new episode. 

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