Massage and Spa Gift Vouchers Make Great Gifts


People seeking the perfect gift should consider giving a gift certificate for spa and Thai massage services. Times are ruff, and many people are walking around right now completely stressed out. This is why this type of gift certificate is a great idea, as it can help people release stress and feel better.

Purchasing This Type of Gift

When purchasing this type of gift, keep the cost of the service and the tip in mind. Many massage parlors and spas list their services and prices online. When buying a gift voucher, it’s smart to check out pricing online so that one can be sure they buy a gift card that will cover both the service and a tip.

Some of these locations may allow people to buy a gift card online. This is really convenient, as one can purchase this gift on a computer or a smartphone, and not have to leave the house. The gift card can then be emailed to the person receiving the gift, or it can be printed and given to the person in person.

Services That May Be Offered

Those that are not familiar with spas and Thai massage parlors may not be aware of the many wonderful services this type of place offers. Again, many of these places have their offerings online, along with the current prices. Common massage and spa services can include:

  • Body scrubs
  • Foot reflexology massages
  • Standard Thai massages
  • Premium Thai massages
  • Hot stone massages
  • Hand massages
  • Hot oil massages
  • Deep tissue massages
  • Head massages
  • Shoulder massages
  • Aromatherapy massages
  • Pregnancy massages
  • Swedish massages
  • Bundled packages

Some people choose to buy gift certificates for a specific service, while others give a generic gift certificate worth a set dollar amount. If someone isn’t sure what kind of service the person would enjoy, it’s smart to go with a gift certificate based on a dollar amount, versus a specific service. This allows the person to pick the service or package that they really want, instead of having one chosen for them ahead of time.

What are the Benefits of a Thai Massage?

Although people enjoy all types of massages, Thai massage has many added benefits over a standard massage. According to experts, there are five common benefits people experience from enjoying Thai massages. Improvements can be seen with the following:

  • Stress levels lower
  • Energy increases
  • Headaches may improve
  • Circulation may improve
  • Range of motion may improve

Say Goodbye to Stress

If the person receiving the massage gift card is frequently stressed, this type of gift may be perfect for them. Thai massages are famous for lowering a person’s stress levels by using gentle pressure and gentle stretching techniques. This can make the gift priceless to a stressed-out friend or loved one.

Gain Energy Through a Thai Massage

Even though this type of massage is very relaxing, it can also boost energy! According to experts, tight muscles can make a person tired. Thai massage can loosen those muscles, leaving people feeling more energized and alert.

This is great for people that feel fatigued all the time. People who may enjoy this type of gift can include pregnant women, those who work long hours, and those chasing after energetic kids all the time. Need a gift for a new mom or a nanny? This is the one!

Headaches May Improve

Some people that suffer from headaches go for Thai massages. This type of massage, when focused on the head, neck, and shoulders, is said to be able to relieve headache pain. If a friend or loved one is suffering from frequent headaches, a relaxing massage may be just what they need.

Circulation May Improve

Thai massage improves circulation. This type of massage involves gentle stretching, which can get the blood flowing. Those suffering from diabetes may benefit from a Thai foot massage, as diabetes is famous for causing peripheral neuropathy.

Thai Massage May Improve Range of Motion for People

Lastly, Thai massage can improve a person’s range of motion. Unlike traditional massages where a person lays on the table while they are massages, this massage requires the person to do some stretching. If a person regularly enjoys Thai massages, their range of motion may improve over time.

It is said that the stretching involved, when done repeatedly over many sessions, can improve range of motion. This is great for people who feel like their body and muscles are tight, and for people who feel like they can’t stretch as far as they once could. Over time, they may regain what they lost.

Why Choose a Massage Voucher as a Gift?

Some people may question is a gift voucher for a massage is a good gift. The short answer is that this type of voucher is a perfect gift! Other gifts can be risky, and the person receiving the gift may have to return it.

For example, giving clothing is risky because it may not fit, and it may not be a style that the person enjoys. This means that the person has to ask for a receipt, which can be embarrassing for both parties. They then have to return to the store, wait in line to explain that they want to exchange an item, pick a new item, and then wait in line again to purchase the new item.

This doesn’t happen with a massage gift voucher. There is nothing to try on, there is nothing to exchange, and a massage gift voucher really is a universal gift. Everyone can benefit from a good massage, and it really is one size fits all.

In conclusion, a gift certificate for a Thai massage is a great gift for anyone and everyone. Places that offer this type of massage usually have their offerings online, which allows the giver to determine a gift card amount, or to give specific massage services. When buying a gift card, also consider including an extra amount to cover the service tip. Many places offer these for purchase online, which makes gift-giving very convenient.

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