Make Your Dirt Bike Look Great with Custom Graphic Kits and Decals


Every dirt bike owner knows how much fun it is to race on the motocross track or just take your bike out for a spin on the weekends. When you invest in a dirt bike, you want to keep it in tip-top shape: that means looking sharp and running smoothly. A great way to accomplish that without emptying your wallet is by adding a custom graphic kit to your dirt bike. They may not add horsepower, but they can be just as important as installing aftermarket upgrades to increase performance.

Where Can You Find Superior Quality Custom Graphic Kits and Decals?

Once you’ve decided to add some unique customization to your bike, a great place to purchase high-quality graphic kits is the website Senge Graphics. They provide convenient, contact-free purchasing and excellent customer service.  With a wide array of custom graphic kits available for dirt bikes, quads, side by sides, and snowmobiles, they’ll make your ride look like it belongs to a professional. Adding custom graphics makes your bike look one-of-a-kind and also helps protect the underlying plastic pieces and makes them last longer.      

What Other Types of Recreational Off-Road Vehicles Can You Buy Graphic Kits For?

The most popular recreational off-road vehicles are dirt bikes and quads.  Besides dirt bikes and ATVs, though, there are side by sides (also known as dune buggies), snowmobiles, and street bikes, among others. If you are a member of a motocross team and race professionally, buying custom graphics can be a morale booster and make your team look unified and intimidating to other competitors when you’re at the track.

Finding the Highest Quality Decals for Your Dirt Bike

If you’re looking for a custom graphic kit to protect and upgrade your bike or off-road vehicle, then there are some quality control points to consider first. Any graphics kit needs to consist of thick and durable vinyl with strong, superior-quality adhesive. Look for an adhesive brand that is proven reliable, such as 3M.  

Another available option for high-quality graphics is a special protective coating that reduces damage to the vinyl from harsh UV rays. The graphics have to be very tough and long-lasting due to the abuse they will take from daily wear and tear, bumps and spills on the track, and constant rubbing of motocross boots on your dirt bike.  Superior quality graphics means they will last longer, and you get more value out of your purchase.

What Are the Different Types of Custom Graphics and Decals?

When you choose which graphics, you want for your bike, it’s critical to understand precisely what you’re buying. How many decals you get and what areas they cover on your bike depends on which type of kit you choose.  Here are the different types of custom graphic kits available on the market today:

  • Radiator shroud kits: These graphics will cover the radiator shrouds and sometimes come with air box decals.
  • Trim kits: The available trim kits today come with front and rear fender decals, and graphics for the swingarm, fork tubes, and sometimes the air box depending on which kit you select.
  • Pre-printed, numbered backgrounds: These pre-printed decals are specific to your dirt bike model, so make sure you have the correct specs on hand when you order. They’re essential for anyone competing in motocross professionally and provide a custom look that makes your dirt bike stand out amongst the crowd.
  • Full kits: These are just what they sound like complete decal kits for your dirt bike.  They include graphics for the swingarm, radiator shrouds, air box, front and rear fenders, fork guards and tubes, and some kits even come with seat cover decals.  

How to Remove Old Graphics from the Plastic on Your Dirt Bike

Removing old graphics from your bike’s plastic can be challenging.  It’s a struggle to get them off in one piece without leaving any residue behind.  The first step is to get out a hairdryer or heat gun. Apply heat to the decals you want removed to make them soft and pliable. Start by lifting and gripping the edge of the old decal and then steadily and smoothly pulling them off in one piece, if possible.  Quick pro tip: use a flat-edged tool (like a paint scraper) to remove old graphics easily.  If the decals leave adhesive or pieces behind on the plastic, use a solvent or adhesive remover to eliminate any stubborn glue residue.

How to Properly Apply Graphics to Your Dirt Bike

When it comes to putting specialized graphics on your dirt bike, you want to use the proper techniques to make your decals look like they were professionally applied. The first step is preparing the plastic by scrubbing until the surface is clean and free of grease, dirt, and old glue.

Peel off the backing paper for each decal as you go along, so the adhesive stays clean and free of dust and debris until you’re ready to apply the decal. Line up the new decal with the edges of the plastic, and very lightly press down with your fingers. Ensure the edges match up correctly before you begin pressing down more firmly. Another quick pro tip: use a heat gun or hairdryer on any creased or wrinkled edges to soften them, and then readjust the graphic correctly before it’s stuck in place.

Use your fingers and palm to press the decal down firmly and seal the edges once lined up properly.  You can also use a flat tool like a credit card, but watch out for any bubbles that the card’s edge could catch on and rip, ruining the decal. If you do have bubbles, use a pin or knife for popping them and then press again to seal the edges down, working your way from the middle to the outer edges.  Final step: enjoy the new custom look of your dirt bike and soak up the envious glances when you go to the track!

Specialized, High-Quality Graphic Kits: Make Your Dirt Bike Stand Out

For all the dirt bike owners and competitive motocross racers, having a unique and easily identifiable dirt bike is not a luxury; it’s a necessity and applying high-quality graphics is one way to achieve that custom look on your ride.  Nobody wants to blend in with the crowd! If you’re on a racing team, graphics can boost team morale and present a unified, confident look that’s sharp, professional, and intimidating to other competitors. Whether you want a cool look for your dirt bike or a brand-new custom style for your entire motocross team, applying a custom graphic kit is a great and affordable way to make your dirt bike look brand new again!

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