Libra Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

You should give the necessary attention to your romantic life this week. On the romantic front, there may be misunderstandings which can make the situation difficult for you. You should not provoke your partner in any way or else it may turn out to be a tug-of-war. You will need to be honest with yourself and think about long-term happiness. You should choose someone who respects you and keep you happy for many years to come. Marriage prospects are foreseen. The weekends can keep you busy attending the wedding ceremonies and official parties. You may bump into someone interesting this week.


Academically, this will be a good month for most students. You will make progress in all walks of life. Students may show interest in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in any field. They will feel confident in their preparations. But at the same time, those who are preparing for any competition may be lacking in confidence. Ideally, if you are going to take any test, you will have to work on the foundations that will enable you to undertake the test with full confidence. Some of you may take up music as one of the electives if pursuing Fine arts. Therefore, you will make gains by learning new things.


You will enjoy your health to the fullest. You will be fully fit, both physically and mentally. This will come to happen because of your inner courage. Feel free to take your partner’s help, you will get his/her full support, this will make you happier and keep you healthier, mentally. If you are a pregnant woman, take good care of your baby bump. Also, be careful as to what you are eating and avoid going to crowded places. Some of you will follow a time table to have a proper diet at the proper time. This will help you maintain good fitness.


This week is going to be good for your financial growth. You will explore some better opportunities to procure more money. This week will be really good for making investments as you are likely to get good returns in future. The all-round financial growth which you will witness will keep you elated and in good spirits. However, there is also a possibility that you may lose money around the weekend. So, be very attentive while handling money.


It may turn out to be a great time for you as you may get your dream job and climb one step higher on the ladder to success. Businesspersons and professionals may be very busy during this week in making new strategies and plan to boost their business. You may come across new persons, who may become your partners or collaborators. You may become busier, negotiating multiple deals and may become successful in clinching most of the deals. For the employees who have nothing major happening at your workplace, you will make benefits when you are least expecting it. If you are working in a corporate, you will get a salary hike very soon, perhaps around the upcoming weekend.

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