Libra Weekly Horoscope 31st Jan – 6th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

This week may be all about sharing and caring with your partner. At the same time, someone whom you love and care may hurt your feelings beyond words. You may find it tough to cope up with your emotional disturbances. You may talk to a friend instead of carrying the burden yourself. You should not give up your relationship, instead, you should talk about it. It is very easy to break any relationship but building it is tough. You should put in a lot of efforts to retain the warmth in your relationship.


This week may be a challenging one for most of you, academically. Your score may be below average and you may feel disturbed with this. Do not feel disheartened as life may give you several opportunities to improve your performance. But yes, do not be lazy as you are heading closer to exams and this will enable you to do well in all exams. If students are planning to take any government service exams, this may be a good week for you. You may easily clear the test and this may improve your fortune.


Stars foresee a healthy and energetic week for those born under this sign. You may enjoy the best of health. This may prompt you to join a sports academy and build your stamina. If you develop some issue in the respiratory system, take due preventive measures promptly as advised by the physician. If you are under any medical treatment, adhere to your medications firmly. Students should not go overboard with their studies and feel stressed. Health will be good overall. But if you are suffering from any back pain, please get a complete check-up done. This may be helpful.


You should maintain a good balance between your expenditure and earnings to avoid any cash crunch in the coming time. You may have enough things to handle in the coming months so you should keep a track of your finances, which may be helpful. You should check wasteful expenses and ensure that you save more money for your future needs. Keep enough provision for contingency. If you are planning to invest, make sure you have double-checked all the possibilities or you may lose a good amount of money, this week.


You should remain careful about omissions while hurrying up things on the professional front. You should be extremely careful with your work. You should give your best during this period and get on to the road of success. No major deal is likely to come up for negotiations for business people. Take decisions only after proper consideration. Students doing basic education will not learn despite trying hard. To remove this mental block, you can go for a walk or listen to music. You can also go for a job change which may not be very fruitful but you should keep your options open.

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