Libra Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd Jan 2021


Love and Relationships

This week will be full of love and romance. There are peace and tranquillity in your relationship with your mate and you should enjoy this time. You will share quiet warmth which will allow you to enjoy each other on an intellectual and emotional plane, not just physically. Adhering to this relationship will help you a lot. If you are single and planning to propose to someone, you are likely to get lucky this weekend. If you are married and planning for a child, you will find this time to be favourable.


Take little time for self and work out in the morning. Your fitness level will be high and shall also improve your stamina. This is very important as you will have to maintain good health to remain immune from any ailment or disease. This is a very important exercise to ensure your fitness is always at its best. Add to this will be a proper and timely diet. This will ensure you are fit and also maintain good stamina. Those who are unable to sleep at night may have to work on their sleep patterns. This will enable them to improve their emotional quotient. If you are a student, you should take your studies more seriously in case you are seeking admissions to good government institutions.


During this week, you will need more involvement in the maintenance of your health. You may have digestion issues and you will need to work on them to avoid long-term problems. You should eat only well prepared, clean, healthy food. You will feel better. Please avoid alcohol during this week. You should try to keep your stress level down. If you take these precautions, you can expect this matter to clear up soon. Those who are working near a boiler can suffer from minor burns. Again, if you are working with sharp pointers, you can get cuts.


The developments in your business may give you some financial tension. However, instead of worrying, you should find ways to improve your business. You will need careful planning to achieve success in your projects. You should focus on the ongoing projects rather than on expanding your operations. Perseverance will enable you to achieve your financial goals. However, you should formulate some new strategies for good results. Investments will not be a very good idea to go for. Besides, you will have to be more confident in your monetary matters.


During this week, you will get inspired and energised on the professional front. You should get ready to explore some good opportunities and show what your talents are. You will find new avenues to work upon. This week will be fruitful for businesspersons and their long-awaited deal will get finalized. Salary hike is foreseen for people working in banking and security departments. This week will give good opportunities to the freshers.

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