Leo Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

As the week begins, matters related to your love life should be dealt with carefully, especially if you are in a committed relationship. Some unrest may be brewing on this front. You can’t afford to remain detached around this time. The good thing is that planets will fill you with enough strength and tact to deal with the problems effectively. You will feel motivated and will try to restore harmony, which will help you a lot. You will have a much better rapport with your loved ones during the latter part of the week. A positive event may take place around the weekend which will help you increase the warmth and harmony in your love life.


This will be the right time to appear in any competitive exam and the chances to excel are bright. Your efforts will help you improve your skills and reputation. Your performance may also make your parents happy. If you stay motivated and continue to tread the disciplined path, you are likely to succeed. You should just hang on. At the same time, you can learn from sports activities as well. Fitness, sports, fun activities all should become a part of your routine, but never over-step your limit. Your efforts may help you make good progress around the weekend.


On the health front, things will remain good, especially if you don’t suffer from any chronic illness. Cosmic forces will support you in whatever you do, provided you remain sincere and responsible. If you are suffering from some health issues for a long time, you will get relieved this week. Avoid going to extremes, emotionally or physically. These tendencies can hurt your health and well being. Keep your wits at all times and drive carefully. As planetary influences are favourable, you will maintain your energy level for most of the days this week.


You will get good earning opportunities and you will also save money during this week. The planetary influences will remain favourable throughout this week and you will enhance your financial strength. You will collect your thoughts and also become financially productive. You should grab new opportunities and make good use of this time to enhance your financial strength. Besides, you should be careful in money matters from around the mid-week. You should refrain from borrowing or lending. The latter part of the week will be somewhat difficult, you may face a cash crunch if you take unnecessary risk.


You may take ambitious decisions to increase the pace of your progress. But you should understand that the planetary influences are not comprehensively in your favour for any big moves. So avoid making any big decisions! Your career may pick up gradual momentum during the latter half of this week. Around the weekend, you will be satisfied with your progress. You should steer clear of fair-weather friends. Don’t get lured by short term gains. Be prepared to work harder to achieve the desired results.

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