Leo Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

At the beginning of this week, you may remain concerned about family matters and your love relationship may also face some disruptions. This phase may cause disturbances in matters related to love and relationship. Remain in tune with the requirements of your loved ones, especially if you are in a committed relationship. Your partner may seem vocal and demanding about the needs. Be tactful while dealing with such situations. The latter part of this week may bring some stability but you may not be able to enjoy the true colours of your love life.


You will stay focused and will be able to concentrate effectively, provided you are not drawn towards distractions during this week. Things will be easier during the latter half of this week as compared to the beginning of this week. The graduates of science, technology and allied subjects will benefit from the stars. Teachers, mentors and friends will support your efforts. Those who are students will get useful tips from your mentors, your grasping power will increase and you will have no issues in memorizing. So, your performance may improve gradually leading you to success by the end of this week.


You may be somewhat unhappy or dissatisfied with a certain aspect of your life. The tendency to think back in time may be blocking you from getting ahead. So, try and shun such defeatist feelings, and move ahead. Otherwise, it may affect your health in one way or another. You should take good care of your health. You should direct any discontent that you may be feeling now – towards more positive things. However active you may be, you should find time to rest and relax. You should travel and explore new things if that brings you happiness. Any lifestyle issues must be addressed immediately to keep yourself fit and fine.


During this week, things may be favourable to you in finance and wealth. It will be a good phase for investing money in fixed assets, like a shop, vacant land or residential property. If you, however, plan to re-sell this asset too early, this is not the right time. You will get returns on this investment, but results will take their own sweet time to surface. Planets may boost your financial strength but if you make the mistake of squandering your money, you are likely to face difficult times during the ending part of the week.


There can be uncertainty on the business front which may manifest around the beginning of this week. But things will start rolling in your favour, from midweek. You will get a good chance to clinch a major deal. You may grab a good opportunity in the latter days of the week. You will make good progress in your profession. However, you should avoid taking any major decision in haste as such decisions may drag you to some unnecessary issues. Refrain from forming any trade alliance or business partnerships during the weekend.

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