Indian Army, Assam Rifles play key role in Covid battle in Northeast India

The personnel of the Indian Army and Assam Rifles, besides providing security cover to the country and its people, are also actively lending their support to the fight against the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic.

Defence spokesman Lt. Col. P. Khongsai said on Saturday that the Indian Army in its continued fight against Covid-19 has joined the nation in vaccinating healthcare workers.

“The forward field hospitals of the Indian Army in Arunachal Pradesh stepped up and vaccinated healthcare workers on Saturday. This is a shining example of the close coordination of the Army with the government of Arunachal Pradesh in planning and implementing a common national goal,” he said.

Central Para-Military Force (CPMF) Assam Rifles, during the past many weeks, have been conducting numerous awareness campaigns on hygiene, use of face masks and maintaining certain protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Mizoram and several other northeastern states.

An Assam Rifles official statement said that the aim of the drive is to create awareness among the local population about the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic induced situation and the vaccination drive.

“The awareness drive educated the villagers about Covid-19 and the vaccination drive. Maintaining certain protocols, including social distancing, washing hands, wearing mask properly, avoid gatherings and a need to stay at home till this situation is not over, were astressed upon during these campaigns,” the statement said.

The villagers during the campaign were also made part of an interactive session on Covid-19, wherein they came up with their questions and perceptions on the pandemic which in turn were adequately clarified by the health authorities.

Many forces poersonnel have tested positive for Covid-19 in the northeast region, with majority of them reporting for duty after recovery.

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