How to Style a See-Through Blouse

Sheer clothing has always been in style and if you have the right accessories and layering, you can carry sheer fabrics like a pro. Sheer clothing is versatile and works well for casual wear or even formal occasions. Wearing something that is see-through is a bold decision. But the correct amount of layering and the right piece will give you an elegant yet comfortable look, whether you are at a party or at the office.

While buying sheer clothing is easy, one cannot just walk out in a transparent top. It is important to keep in mind certain tips and tricks while wearing sheer fabrics. This will help you avoid skin show, wardrobe malfunctions and being under or overdressed at a certain place. Read now to find out.

1. Choosing a see-through blouse

Putting together a chic ensemble starts with choosing the correct blouse. If you are keen on a see-through blouse, there is a wide variety of options to pick from. Sheer blouses come in varying degrees of transparency and you can choose one depending on how comfortable you are in your skin being visible under the fabric. For instance, it is not necessary to always pick a blouse that is completely see-through. Something that is half opaque and sheer only at the back or the sleeves can give a more modest look.

2. Wearing the right lingerie

Wearing a see-through blouse means what you wear underneath will show. Hence, the right lingerie is essential. You will need to wear matching or contrasting camisoles, tank tops, crop tops or stylish bralettes that will enhance your look and give you good coverage at the same time. It is your decision whether you want your lingerie to catch the eye or you want to draw attention away from it. Undergarments of the same color as your blouse will keep the tone subtle and not leave you feeling too conscious.

3. Pairing it with the right garment

See-through blouses go well with various outfits. You can style them with pants, skirts, shorts or even wear them over a dress. It is best to pair one sheer piece of clothing with another that is not transparent, to balance out the two. Although wearing sheer, top to bottom is not prohibited, it may not always be the right choice, especially in a semi-formal setting.

4. Layering it well

Many people are not comfortable with transparent fabrics but still hold on to sheer pieces. Layering is a great option then. Not only do coats, jackets, shrugs, and shawls complete your look, but they also provide more coverage and make you look put together. You can use layering over or under your see-through blouse to make it stylish and less sheer.

5. Plain or printed pieces

It is not necessary to only choose plain sheer fabrics. Printed or embellished pieces are in vogue too. Plus, a printed blouse will feel less transparent as compared to a plain see-through blouse. Choose colorful polka dotted blouses or crochet tops that are less transparent but still give a sheer vibe. 

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