How to Stand out in Your Maxi Dress


The maxi dress has an undeniable appeal. With its flowy, floor-length style, it exudes freshness, comfort, and versatility. When it comes to wearing a maxi, there is a one-and-done look about them, making them a stress-free type of clothing. When you start collecting maxi dresses in your closet, you will always have your go-to clothing regardless of the occasion, or whether you want to glam up or dress down.

What makes the maxi dress unique?

A maxi dress enables you to put on a single piece of garment, and that’s it, you are good to go, be it for a day trip or an evening out. This specific long dress can be the perfect partner for your favourite accessories, for example, a headscarf or a belt bag. Considering its length, the dress can keep you warm when the temperature drops. If you think that your legs are not ready to be flaunted yet, a maxi is a convenient way to conceal your legs. But more often than not, you wear a maxi dress when you want to make a statement.

Different Ways to Wear Your Maxi

Layer a moto jacket over a maxi dress. This is a great combination to wear regardless of the season. Choose a fancy maxi dress and put a moto jacket on top of it, and you will have an edgy-cool look. Ankle boots can complete your ensemble. With this stylish attire, you are ready for a meeting with friends or shopping.

Add a statement belt. No doubt, the billowing maxi dress is a comfortable and pretty thing to wear. But do you worry that your curves will be unnoticeable in those fabrics? The solution is to add a belt, allowing the dress to flatter your silhouette. Consider a neutral, one-tone belt to go with your dress, or choose a belt that contrasts with your maxi’s colour to grab more attention to your small waist.

Add colourful accessories. One way to amplify the unique style of the maxi dresses is to add bold coloured accessories. When you add the right accessories, it ensures all eyes are on your outfit. So, pick a bright maxi dress, and add an equally bright coloured purse, necklace, shoes, and sunglasses.

Opt for eye-catching patterns. Maxi dresses come in numerous designs; so you will not be short of options. It seems that you cannot play it safe when wearing a maxi dress. Instead, you will likely stand out in the crowd. All you need to do is, choose patterns that flatter you and carry the right attitude when you wear one.

Use separates to colour block. A fabulous and colourful maxi dress can look great by itself, but do not let it stop you from adding layers, particularly if you want to create a chic, streetwear style. Layering a trendy denim jacket over your maxi dress will give you the desired look. However, you can still get more creative by wearing a bright jacket over an also bright maxi dress but in different hues. This is colour blocking your outfit, which is perfect for summer or winter fashion.

There are plenty of ways to wear your maxi dresses and look stunning in each one of them. Use the tips above to wear this long dress in style.

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