How to not get bored during quarantine


The Covid-19 pandemic that raged like a storm for the most of 2020 has turned out to follow us into 2021 as well. The virus is not going anywhere, and we have many more hours of isolation and self-quarantining in front of us. For many people, young and old, couples and singles, this is horrible news. Staying home is not only hard on our mental health, but it can also be extremely boring. With this many hours without the social company of many others, it is hard not to become bored. If you are one of those who definitely do not look forward to spending more time at home, read along here for tips on how to not get bored during quarantine. 

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Stay productive 

Staying at home under coercion provides you with time to do all of the things you normally never have time to do. Take a look around your home and think about the things you wish to change. Grab a notebook and start on that to-do list. Begin with the necessities such as basic cleaning, cleaning the windows, the oven etcetera. Perhaps this time of quarantine will allow you to clean out in your closet or in the basement as well. You probably have tons of unnecessary things in your home that you would be better off without. Get your headphones out, listen to your favourite music or podcast while cleaning and sorting your home. You will be satisfied with yourself knowing that you can enjoy spending time at a nice and clean home. 

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