How to deal with unhappy clients – get tips from Dmitry Lyubimov – CEO of UNIQ Los Angeles

As the CEO of Uniq Los Angeles, Dmitry Lyubimov, an entrepreneur who has built a successful company by overcoming roadblocks and obstacles throughout his life, shares tips on how to deal with unhappy clients. Uniq Los Angeles offers luxury yacht rentalprivate jet and villa rentals.

First, it’s important to understand that unforeseen situations can occur in any industry of business — whether it’s a car or yacht rental, restaurant, or laundry. This shouldn’t scare you because there are ways to work around and through this conflict. It’s critical to do everything to warn it, but if this has already happened, panic is useless. Instead, there are always options to make amends.

How do you begin handling this situation?

Start by opening a dialogue with the client so you can explain that you are doing everything you can to remedy the situation in their favor. Ensure the client that you did everything you could to prevent this situation and that even though it’s occurring, you will get through it.

How do you reassure the customer?

Offer the customer a discount on their next purchase of an item or service.

This gives the customer peace of mind and ensures them you are there to help them. In this case, the client is more likely will return to you. In more severe cases, offer the product the service for free or offer a refund. A satisfied client is the key to a successful business. People understand there are no ideal businesses, there are human or technical factors everywhere, but most of all they value the attitude towards them. Even in bad cases, do your best, they will appreciate and return to you again.

What to do after the initial correspondence?

Following your initial correspondence with the customer, make sure to follow up. This is something many businesses neglect and it hurts them. Following up will allow your customer or client to feel comfortable. They will understand you care about them. You can always prevent losing the client permanently if they understand that you are doing everything possible to fix the situation. Being proactive will always work toward your advantage.

What are some things to offer customers beforehand?

Making your customers feel like family will help down the road. Plan, create and implement a rewards program that incentivizes customers to do business with you. Offer small discounts and even start a reward point system to reward your customers for their business. Send out periodic emails about rewards, discounts, services, promotions and more. Stay in touch with your customers this way. This also allows you to compile an email list that you can use for your business and other businesses in the future.

What else should we know about helping repair customer relationships?

Make sure everyone working for you knows the proper procedure for dealing with these situations. IF everyone is on board, you’ll never have to worry about an employee accidentally offending a customer or not doing everything possible to resolve the situation. These procedures are important because they will help you maintain good relationships with your customers, which will eventually lead to them referring you to other potential buyers.  

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