How to ask Relevant Questions and Lead Yourself out of Problems


Suppose you are facing a tough situation. In that case, it would help if you think critically, incorporating all sides to take action and make the condition better. How could you find such a ‘perfect’ solution. Let’s explore in this article

Here is a list of situations:

Situation 1: You are in considerable debt. You are going mad. How could you come out of this scenario?

Answer: Quickly carry out a legitimate income online from your home in addition to the presnet job you hold. Ask yourself the subsequent questions:

  1. Is the new income source you are intending enough to pay off bills
  2. How can you save money from your normal job?
  3. How did you fall into financial deficiency? Did you give out too much to people? It’s time for real budgeting.

Cut off expenses from all causes and go for cheaper but healthy brands of clothing and food. You don’t have to buy costly ones. As you start saving funds slowly, keep some of it yourself, and use the rest to slowly pay off debts.

You evolved after facing this situation. Never let yourself into debt like this again.

Situation 2: Let’s assume you are at the college level in an undergraduate program. You have failed a couple of subjects two times each; the third time you fail, you will have to leave the semester. How do you deal with such a scenario?

Ask yourself:

  1. Are you reading the right material? If yes, how patiently and in detail?
  2. Do you lack a few concepts that is the central cusp of your subject? Can you try to seek help from others?
  3. Are you drinking and partying too much, ignoring your studies? It’s time to remove the night-life from your time and put more focus on your education.
  4. Are you facing any disability? Learning disability probably? Is it making you to lag behind in studies? It’s high time to ask the right expert to seek help.

Situation 3): Your child is shifting you from his home to an old-aged house. You are feeling rather miserable due to this. When you get there, you like nothing about the nursing home. How do you think carefully and critically now to feel better?

Ask yourself:

  1. Can I make buddies with the other old people here and pass the time a little better?
  2. Can I function better with the home caterers?
  3. Can I play my musical instrument which I loved as a child and have fun here?
  4. Do I have an excellent place to sleep?
  5. How can I turn things better for myself now that I have left my child’s home for good?

Situation 4) You are a bachelor working at a decent company. However, you haven’t come across the love of your life yet. You have tried online possibilities, dating sites and matchmakers. Nothing is working for you and you don’t want anything casual. So how can you solve this problem? 

Ask yourself:

  1. Will I make up my mind for my childhood friend Stephnie? I am not getting much of anyone else.
  2. Should I set a higher standard and still wait for the right girl to seek me out honestly?
  3. How else can I address my problem? Do I seek somebody’s help (Maybe someone else at your home), or can I manage on my own?
  4. Do I begin dating and enroll in the dating world? Well, that should give you a real edge.

Summarising, I gave four situations and how you can think appropriately by asking the right, positive-oriented questions. That helps, you know. You can try this technique for any other issue you may face, smile it away, melt it, and take appropriate steps. We, at NYK Daily, wish you a very Happy Anniversary. 

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