How Smart Heating Technology has Changed Home Heating

Smart technology is something that has come a long way in recent years and is something that makes all our lives easier. One of the best technologies around is a smart thermostat, and it is changing the way we manage our home heating. Smart thermostats have been around for over ten years now, yet it is not common knowledge to everyone what they, what they do and the features they have.

What are smart thermostats

A smart thermostat is exactly like your old thermostat except it allows you to connect your heating system to your homes Wi-Fi network. Your new smart thermostat will replace your old thermostat and use the same connecting wire to connect to your boiler and will then be configured to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi connection is what allows you to control your heating system on the go.

You do not need to worry about if your internet loses connection as the thermostat and your heating will still workas usual, you will just have to use the manual controls that are available on the thermostat rather than the companion app. Another thing to be aware of with smart thermostats is that while they are compatible with all three boiler types, combi boilers, system boilers and condensing boilers not all boiler brands may be compatible. So,make sure to check that your boiler can successfully connect with a smart thermostat before purchasing one. You might want to check out this Ideal Logic C30 review if you’re looking for a boiler that offers amazing value at a great price.

Features of smart thermostats

Smart thermostats come with a range of different features. This includes energy reports, smart learning, smart hub compatibility and even set schedules.

Energy reports

Energy reports are one of the best features on a smart thermostat, as they allow you to get a comprehensive look at how much energy is being used by your home. These reports will often come as a monthly report and give you a great idea of when you need to be cutting down on your energy usage in the month.

Smart Learning

Smart learning is what happens when your smart thermostat will begin to learn and adapt to your daily routine. This means that if for every weekday you get home at five and turn the heating on at 17:30, then your thermostat will begin to learn this behaviour and begin to set up its own schedule so that when you get home from the office your heating will already be on waiting for you. The same goes for when you turn your heating on or off and even at what times you increase or decrease the temperature of your heating. This is a great feature for if you do not want to be setting up a heating schedule in advance.

Heating schedule

One of the best features of a smart thermostat is the ability to be able to set a heating schedule. A heating schedule will allow you to set the times your heating system is on and off and the temperature at which it is operating, all through the companion app on your smartphone. On most thermostats, you can also set these schedules via the thermostats interface itself. This is one of the best ways to make sure you are keeping your heating in check.

Smart hub compatibility

Finally, the ability to connect your smart thermostat to your smart home hub. A smart home hub is another phrase for a device such as an amazon echo or a Google Nest. These devices allow you to connect most of your smart devices throughout your home, your smart thermostat often included in these. This allows you to be able to give voice commands to your home hub for what you want your heating to do. Meaning you do not have to leave your seat or go on your phone to change the temperature of your home, making life that little bit easier.

How much do smart thermostats cost

These devices are not the cheapest option with smart thermostats costing between £99 and £150, with some even breaking the £200 mark. So, if you have got a tight budget a smart thermostat may not be the best option for you, however, they can help you to save some money on your heating bills.

Can you save money with smart a thermostat

Saving money with a smart thermostat is possible. With all the features that are available with a smart thermostat, there are certain ones that can help you reduce your heating bills. The best of these being the ability for your thermostat to learn your routine and the ability to program your thermostat, both features will mean that your heating system will not be on when you do not want it to be. The added ability to control your heating system while being away from your home means that it will never be left on by mistake when you are out. This is how smart heating technology has been changing home heating and making it both more accessible on the go and the ability to take control of your heating and heating bills

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