How Do You Spend Your Sundays?

Remember those days when Sundays were sacred, all about family and religious place of worship? No shops opened, so people used to visit a church or other worship places, visit relatives and enjoy an easy day.

These days shops open seven days a week, and family plans are different. Single-parent families, hot-desking, and traveling for business means weekends are often spent catching up on pending jobs, chores, and outstanding tasks.

When most of the young leaders report struggling with Sunday night insomnia, it’s apparently clear that quality time as a family or couple matters. Sundays often see cafes and restaurants filled with family groups savoring each other’s company. Others are going for a walk together in the park. All ages, from young kids through to grandparents, chatting and catching up for a couple of hours.

Sundays should also contribute a little me time, a calm time when you recharge your mind and body and do nothing except possibly reflect on the week ahead, subduing some Monday morning stress.

So leaders, do you need a few ideas to free up some time on Sunday?

  1. Don’t forget to share the load. Enforce a stern half-day policy; maybe use Saturday mornings for some homework. Also, most of your work must be shared with others, done another time, or outsourced, like ironing, cleaning, gardening, and responding to emails. Ask others for support or consider paying as a profitable investment in yourself and your stress management.
  2. Put yourself in the journal, just like you would a necessary appointment, and honor that appointment. Even a twenty-minute window could allow time to enjoy a relaxing bath, read a book, and make a fun phone call to a friend. Ensure you allow time for you to use as you please.
  3. Double up your arrangements. If there are people you must see, maybe plan something where you socialize with many together. Give it a fun, party vibe, and it could work out exceptionally well.
  4. Don’t forget to exercise. A Sunday run or walk, a game of tennis or rounders can present fresh air, help you feel better, and improve your sleep. Plus, sharing exercise with others could add joy to your relationships.
  5. Spend time close to nature. Enjoy a walk in a nearby beach, local park, or nature reserve and absorb the birds, scenery, and animals’ beauty and peace. Enjoy it all.
  6. Reconnect spiritually. You may not ‘do’ church or religion but pondering on your purpose and what’s relevant to you, remembering those lovely people gone from your life gives time to unwind and reconnect with yourself.

What are the other things successful leaders should do on Sundays?

  1. Don’t wake up late on Sundays. If you are waking up at 6:30 am on weekdays, stick to the same timing. This will ensure continuity, and you won’t suffer on Mondays. 
  2. Sunday morning MUST be ‘ME TIME.’ Spend time close to nature/hit the gym.
  3. Have fun. Buy tickets to a play or concert, or get reservations for that cool new resort that just opened next door.

Leaders, please invest in your Sundays and treat them as special.

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