How Do You Get Rid of Alcohol on Your Breath?

Alcohol breath is gross. You may not know this because you normally don’t smell your own breath, but please spare your company and save them from smelling your yuck liquor breath. So you ask, how do you get rid of alcohol on your breath?

Let’s explore:

Onions and Garlic take it all off, people say. Do you think that’s going to help? Slash this; you’ll still smell as terrible. Chew loads of sugar-free gum at once. This looks like something that would really work, preferably mint flavor or anything fresh to cover up the smell. What are the other suggestions I can write, you ask? Tongue scrapers can also do good for your breath.

Still, how do you get alcohol on your breath if you are drinking from time to time? Colas are said to be overly acidic and can alter alcohol’s smell. Maybe you can rinse with Listerine. Peanuts are great in hiding the alcoholic breath. Eat a spoonful of peanut butter or loads of peanuts. There is no valid research to verify peanuts’ effectiveness, but people insist that it’s true.

They say metal removes the alcohol smell considerably well, so it makes sense when people claim that putting a coin inside your mouth works. But be very cautious not to swallow the penny, or you will be at more risk than before. Many people may not want to really try this though, it sounds nasty – and there is no way of telling where the penny has been. 

Here are a few other ways you can get rid of the foul alcohol breath:

  1. Drink Moderately: Drinking ‘not so regularly’ can help lessen the smell of liquor. Sticking to a few bottles of beer or shots can be a viable option when it comes to sustaining your freshness.
  2. Avoid Mixing Fluids: Each kind of alcohol has a different. A blend of various alcoholic beverages can make the odor worse while sticking to only one brand will make your breath smell somewhat less.
  3. Brush your teeth: Brushing your teeth with toothpaste (salted) can help lessen the alcohol smell.

These are just a few examples of getting rid of lousy alcohol breath. But sadly, it is said that the removal of alcohol in your system happens through respiratory, digestive, and cleansing organs. That means the smell is more difficult to get rid of than merely brushing your teeth. After a high level of consumption, the alcohol seeps into your skin and lungs.

Eating many awful tasting onions and loads of mints to cover the bad smell of alcohol hopefully is embarrassing and fruitless. Doing this will cause more mistrust, and therefore, your effort will be useless. And though peanut butter is delicious, some say that it does not work on losing your bad breath.

What should you do then?

Stop drinking, guys. Stop drinking!

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