How can leaders Spark Innovation at workplace?


Let’s start with the concept of spark. By spark, I mean the spark that encourages people to create and innovate. As with trust, spark feeds an imperative need. We react positively to those who spur our creativity, and conversely, we react negatively to those who do not motivate us. The creative spark is crucial as you seek to evolve in a world where change is continually accelerating.

But fire without trust can be destructive, leading to broken innovations and even adverse ones. Leaders must know how to inspire confidence while at the same time sparking new processes, new products, and new systems. 

The spark occurs when you penetrate into people’s creative desires. It requires presenting the option for people to traverse new ideas without hesitation. Discovery happens when there’s a big idea, clearly expressed, and the entire team is focused on executing that vision. It exists when there are definite administration measures in place to assess the work, and the performance is evaluated consistently and fairly.

In light speed businesses, spark and trust feed off of one another. One leads to the other. By forming an environment of trust, you empower people to be open to change. By stimulating spark, you unleash the innovation that makes an establishment vibrate with real purpose. and new ideas

When you mix the benefits of spark and trust, marvelous things can happen. You can maintain and attract the most motivated and talented employees. You continually innovate. You delight and surprise your customers. You work at a higher level than your rivals. When spark and trust work together, it does not ensure a peaceful environment. When people feel free, they can ask questions and air differing opinions. The culture shifts to one in which people focus on the whole organization’s performance. When you’re working at light speed, everyone is invested in the firm and “runs it as they own it.”

Here are 6 ways how you can spark innovation at your workplace:

  1. Influence Revolution in your Company Culture: Break the status-quo and bring revolutionary transformations to your workplace. 
  2. Get to Know the Clients Better: Your clients are the ones who should benefit from the steps you talk about. Know what your client wants and focus your ‘change’ in that direction.
  3. Customers are now buying experiences rather than services and products: Present your customers a chance to experience your firm rather than the usual buyer-seller relationship. 
  4. Startup Culture isn’t all bad: Consider your firm a startup. Here, the startup means a company ready to bring in disruptions in the market. Startups are meant to be innovating, and if you take that path, you can spark innovation. 
  5. Encourage Creativity and Healthy Risk-Taking: Encourage creativity at your workplace and promote healthy risk-taking. 
  6. Create and Believe: Whenever you have a new idea, believe in it. If you believe in your product, others will. 

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