Gifts for the Person That Loves to Fish

People have been fishing for as long as they have been on the Earth. In the beginning, people went fishing to catch food. Now people fish for both food and sport. Know a person that loves to fish? This article will cover some great gifts for any fisherman or fisherwoman.

Everyone Needs a Good Rod

Those that don’t fish may not be aware of the different types of fishing rods on the market. A great place to learn about different rods and fishing accessories is Fishing Sun. This site has a plethora of information covering tops from rods to reels to fishing kayaks.

Rods come in different lengths and are made for different fishing purposes. Common rod categories include spinning rods, saltwater rods, casting rods, and trolling rods. When choosing a rod as a gift, one should keep in mind the type of fishing that the person enjoys and the person’s skill level.

Those that don’t fish may think that a rod is not a good gift, as anyone who fishes should already own a rod. The truth is that fishing enthusiasts collect rods the way some people collect cars. Most people who fish agree that there is no such thing as too many rods. A fisherman needs several good rods, in case one is damaged or they lose one. It’s also good to have a few spares in case extra friends tag along.

A Fishing Rod is Useless without a Good Reel

Just as one can’t own too many rods, they can’t own too many reels either. The popular reel types include spinning reels, saltwater reels, baitcasting reels, spin-cast reels, line counter reels, and power assist reels. Again, when shopping for a reel keep in mind where the person fishes and what type of fishing they enjoy.

Those that like to catch giant trophy fish will enjoy a power assist reel. These reels are electric and use either a battery or the power from a boat. This type of reel is typically more expensive than traditional reels, but the extra power is more than worth it.

Keep it Simple with a Rod and Reel Combo

Purchasing the above two products one at a time can be a little confusing for those that don’t fish. Manufacturers have made shopping for fishermen easier by offering rod and reel combos. The benefit of purchasing a combo is that the pieces are guaranteed to work together and be compatible. Combos available include spinning combos, saltwater combos, spin-cast combos, baitcasting combos, and fly outfits.

What is a fly outfit? A fly outfit is a rod and reel combination made for people who fly fish. This set can include a rod, a reel, the fishing line, the backing, and the fishing leader. Buying this set for a fly angler gives them almost everything they need to get out on the water and enjoy their hobby.

A Fishing Kayak Gets People Out onto the Water

If the gift budget is larger, consider giving a fishing kayak, if not you can still find some cheap boats for sale. According to archaeologists, people have been using fishing kayaks for at least 4000 years. Today’s fishermen enjoy fishing kayaks just as much as fishermen have throughout history, only now they don’t have to build them themselves.

Just as fishing rods are made for different types of fishing, there are kayaks out there made for different purposes. When shopping for a kayak, make sure to purchase one specifically for fishing. Here are seven factors to keep in mind while shopping for the perfect fishing kayak:

  • Length of the kayak
  • Stability of the boat
  • Storage space
  • Kayak keels
  • Electric or not
  • Portability
  • Anchoring or Drifting

When purchasing a kayak, make sure to purchase one of the correct lengths. Shorter kayaks under eleven feet are easier to steer and maneuver, but longer kayaks are built for speed and do better in the ocean. Will the person be fishing in calm freshwater or will they be fishing in the big waves of the ocean?

Stability is very important for a kayak, as no one wants to be dumped out into the water. Wider kayaks are more stable, but they aren’t as fast as the thinner boats. Wider kayaks are also suggested for those who are larger and for those who plan to fish standing up.

How many items will the person fishing need to take with them? While some kayaks have lots of hidden cubicles and storage areas, some may have none. Keep the storage needs of the fisherman in mind when shopping for their new boat.

If the person will use the kayak in open water, make sure to get them a kayak with a keel. The keel is a fan that goes into the water that improves tracking and speed. If the person will be fishing in shallow areas then they may not need a keel on their boat.

Some kayaks come with electric outlets. These boats are more expensive than the basic versions, but some people decide the price is worth it. Will the person need to plug in a waterproof radio or charge their phone? If so, consider a kayak with electrical outlets.

If the kayak is hard to move, the person receiving the kayak is less likely to use it. To keep the kayak light, look for a version that allows the person to sit inside of it instead of on top of it.

Lastly, consider anchoring versus drifting. While many fishermen prefer to drift, some want to anchor down in a specific spot. Anchoring systems can be heavy and add a lot to the boat weight, so keep this in mind when shopping for the perfect fishing kayak.

Fishing Has a Rich History

A person that loves to fish may have fishing ingrained in their DNA. People all over the world fish, and in the past people caught fish to feed themselves and their families. Historians say that the first fisherman on Earth were Neanderthals, fishing as far back as 200,000 BC. A person who enjoys fishing as a hobby is likely enjoying an activity that their ancestors used to stay alive.

When shopping for the perfect fishing gift, consider gifts that the person’s ancestors may have used when they fished. Even if the person can’t use the historically based items, they can still display them in their home as conversation pieces. Historical fishing gifts include bamboo fishing rods and antique handwoven fishing nets. This type of gift can be found in antique stores, at flea markets, at garage sales, in online auctions, and anywhere else where older historical items are sold.

Little Gifts for Fishermen

If a big kayak isn’t in the gift budget, consider some smaller more affordable fishing gifts. There are many items that a fisherman has to replace frequently that make great gifts. These items include fishing bait, lures, tackle, fishing knives, nets, buckets, tackle boxes, fishing tools, fishing tools, and fishing gadgets.

On top of these little fishing items, some budget-friendly personal items make great fishing gifts. This includes special sunhats, sunscreen, lip balms, anti-glare sunglasses, and fishing gloves. These items are constantly lost while fishing and have to be replaced often.

Specialty Clothing Makes a Special Gift

Clothing also makes great gifts for those who love to fish. There are clothing manufacturers that specialize in clothing just for those who fish. Specialized clothing pieces include fishing bibs, vented fishing shirts, and fishing vests. Clothing specifically for fishermen makes great gifts, as specialized clothing is often overlooked when a person shops for their hobby. Also, many fishermen are well educated on the features of fishing gear but few realize the design features of specialized clothing.

What’s so special about clothing designed for fishermen? Many pieces are designed to keep the person cool, dry, or warm while in the water. Some pieces are made to repel odors, while other pieces have built-in UV features. There is even fishing clothing out there designed to repel fish blood!

Fishing Art Gifts

People who love to fish usually enjoy all things related to their hobby, so even if they can’t use the item, they receive they will likely still appreciate it. Those into fishing and history will enjoy historic fishing keepsakes that they can display in the home. Many fishermen also enjoy art featuring fish, the act of fishing, and fishing tools.

People who receiving fishing art as gifts can display these pieces in their home, office, or their bathroom. They can then think about their favorite hobby whenever they look at their gift. This is also great for people who don’t get to fish as often as they like.

In conclusion, the many gift options on the market for fishermen seem endless. The gift should be chosen based on the type of fishing the person enjoys so that they receive a gift that they can use. There are budget-friendly gifts like fishing gloves and tools, and pricier gifts on the market such as fishing kayaks.

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