Gemini Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

During this week, you should give special attention to your love life and relationship. The differences in opinion which have existed in the past should be ironed out completely. It should be your priority to spend time with your true love as your partner can provide you with great comfort at this time. You are well aware that the relationship doesn’t grow by itself; you have to nurture it. Things are bound to get much better this week for most of you. You should not compare unnecessarily when it comes to love and relationship. This may be one of the most hurtful things for your partner.


The students who are awaiting their results can stay assured, your efforts will pay you rich dividends. But if you are looking for grace marks, it may not be an ideal time, as if you are below the basic standard, the situation will not support you. Therefore, you should have limited expectations. Also, those of you who are looking to enrol for any masters programme through distance learning or online learning then also your week will be good. You will be in the merit list and it will make you feel really good. You can also try for some scholarship grants, to make things easier.


You will enjoy comforts which will enable you to enjoy good health. There is a possibility that you may recover from some old health issues. However, you have to avoid stress or else you may become prone to back pain. But in case you are facing back pain, you should approach a doctor. Involve yourself in prayers and meditation and you will see a positive impact on your health. Elders should ensure that they take their medication and meals seriously. Avoid going on an adventurous trip this week. There are chances of meeting with accidents. You may suffer serious injuries.


You have to be very careful on the financial front. There may be glitches as the major planet linked to monetary gains is disturbing. As you will have no major monetary gains, you are advised to avoid any undue investments for now. If you are working at a high post in an organization, it is very essential to keep a check on your financial investments. You need to work with keen attention and focus, as there may be lapses in your work which will make you suffer. It can even lead to financial losses. You can use your savings to meet your urgent needs.


This week brings the perfect time to take some initiatives at the workplace which may enable you to enhance your career prospects. You should know it clearly that your career growth will be directly linked to your performance and your results. Besides, you should continue to enhance your technical skills to get an edge over others. If you are working as a businessperson, you will have some enriching partnership prospects. Your determination will be appreciated by your teammates & colleagues and you will be glad about it.

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