Four of the top rating online certificates to train for in the new year

2020 was a year of massive changes, especially in business. Many people have been made redundant or have had to switch to doing business online, which has been difficult for all parties involved. It’s always strange to make big changes. But this wave of web reliance has brought forward a whole new level of job demands – employers and tech companies all over the globe are looking for new employees with the correct training as their market and businesses grow – and it’s a good wagon to jump on early, especially if you are out of work. 

So, here are four of the top rating online certificates that you can train for in the new year, to help you get back up and on your feet in the world of work. 

#1 Vegan nutritionist training

Due to quarantine measures, there have been loads of people who have explored their dietary needs and have changed to veganism. Becoming a vegan nutritionist will help people who are looking to make changes to their bodies and what they eat, as well as learning plenty of tricks yourself. There are many fields of work you can go into once you have gained this kind of knowledge, so it’s a great thing to have under your belt.

#2 AWS certification training

AWS certification training is handy if you’re thinking about going into the IT sector for a job. This can help businesses to grow and open up a range of possibilities for you. Due to the sudden switch to cloud-based working, many businesses will be looking for qualified people, which will lead in many areas to demand outstripping supply. 

#3 Life Coach training

Becoming a Life Coach will help many people – as well as yourself. You can learn a lot from a course like this, and help your loved ones who might be struggling, too. It’s an enjoyable and fulfilling field of work to join, and a lot of people need this kind of service due to the new normal, so there is a lot of work in this area.

#4 Sign Language training

Sign language is one of the handiest skills to know. Not only is it an excellent addition to your resume, but it also helps others learn too. You can teach it to your loved ones – and help those around you who rely on it to communicate. It also helps to build a more inclusive society and way of working that is hugely upcoming in the future, and makes you far more employable, especially for public-facing jobs!

These are just some of the different pathways you could take on your journey into a new field of work. They will be great to train for and help you find the kind of job you are looking for in the new year. There are many courses to choose from. They are often fun and immersive and will help you greatly in the future.

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