Foolproof Tips for Pitching a Program Concept


Several steps come into play when you are planning to pitch a program concept to a TV network or an OTT platform. Networking always comes in mind whenever anyone wishes to take this big step. While it is crucial to know what networks do and do not want, it is separate from pitching the program itself. The article below will help you learn the entire process from start to end. Using these tips will help you be ready to throw your concept to an OTT platform or a TV network properly. Most of what you need to achieve will be done before the pitch meeting ever occurs.

Create an Idea

This may seem simple, but often coming up with the basic idea is the most challenging part. Once you have the idea ready with you, other things will begin falling into place. There are two important things to know, particularly if you pitch a program for the first time and have no experience.

Your concept must be different.

  1. It would be best if you are passionate about it. 
  2. The concept must be original ( it should be yours). If you are trying to spin-off or pitch an idea that you took from someone, only legal issues await you.

These factors are important to remember no matter what kind of concept you pitch.

Write a Script Treatment.

Many articles and videos talk about what a “treatment” is. Let’s be somewhat concise on it, so we don’t spend too much time talking ‘just’ about it. A treatment is not a complete script! You don’t want to write a full-fletched script before you have discussed the show with the network. You will also never get any official to read through a long script; they just don’t have the patience and time. They will often receive various proposals daily to be reviewed. A TV show treatment is generally concise (8 pages at most). Usually, a couple of pages is more than enough. You need to edit and re-edit to make sure it reads well and covers major bases.

Promotion and Networking.

This is how you get your complete script treatment out to the public. Make around fifty copies and always have one with you. Please give it to anyone and everyone willing to take it and go through it. You never know who knows whom and who may end up seeing it. Get to all conferences you can, especially ones you know networks will be at. A great example is Comic-Con. Yes, hundreds of others will do the same thing, but proper networking is still an important thing to do.

Pitching the Script.

Next, take appointments (use middle agents, lawyers, and other producers to set-up pitch meetings for you) and impress the producers with a quick 10 minutes pitch. 

This is how you come out of the producer-pitch meeting, knowing you did your best no matter the decision.

  1. Practice it in front of a mirror
  2. Arrive at the meeting early.
  3. Bring documents for everyone.
  4. Always stay ready to show the concept verbally.
  5. Answer all questions with confidence.
  6. Don’t be ignorant towards suggestions and criticism.
  7. Trust your idea, and only then will others trust it.

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