Five Expert Tips on How to Responsibly Source Your Next Pup

Not a single soul on Earth can resist the cuteness overload of a puppy.  Whether they’re snuggling in your lap, playing with their favorite toy, or even chewing on your shoes, puppies make great pets and are a wonderful addition to any family.  Since dogs start the bonding process with their owners when they are just puppies, getting one very young means you can both start bonding and loving each other right away!

How to Find the Right Breeder for Your Family

However, finding the right breeder and puppy for your family’s lifestyle isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has made it easier for irresponsible breeders to trick unsuspecting buyers into funding their illegal puppy mills.  There are still reputable breeders out there, though.  When you’re looking for your next purebred pup, VIP Puppies is an excellent and highly-rated website that connects buyers with responsible, fully vetted breeders and their purebred puppies.

Their service allows buyers to find their next furry friend easily.  It’s as simple as searching for your puppy, talking to the breeder, bringing home your pup, and living your best life with your new family member! Conveniently, they also sell dog and puppy food right on their website, making it easy to get food for your new furball.

Five Expert Tips to Get the Puppy of Your Dreams (Responsibly!)

When it comes to buying a puppy, using a service like the one offers is the way to go. Adoption is a wonderful choice, but realistically, the chance of finding a purebred puppy with a pedigree is slim to none. Responsible breeders are the best option if you want a pup with papers and verified lineage. Also, please don’t patronize pet stores!  Despite what they may claim, most of them source their puppies from puppy mills.

With VIP’s services, you can find a breeder with information on your new puppy’s parentage, temperament, and medical history. You always need to know the general disposition of your new pup for safety reasons, because it’s never a good idea to bring a dog with an unpredictable temperament around your family. Here are five tips on how to responsibly purchase a puppy from a legitimate breeder.     

Do Your Homework & Be Prepared to Answer Questions?

The first step when it comes to buying your next furry family member is simple: research! Please do your homework when it comes to finding the right breed for your lifestyle and accommodations. On, they have a doggie blog and facts about the different breeds. You can search between small and large sizes, look up a breed’s history, and find more information on which kind of dog is right for you!

Responsible breeders will also ask you tons of questions about your home life and the breed you’re considering, and if you can’t answer them, they may not sell to you. You should also research behavioral traits and determine if there are any genetic issues specific to your chosen breed.  Be prepared to answer any and all questions!

Visit the Puppy First & Ask Questions!

Once you’ve found your breed, the next step is to select a puppy.  With a service like VIP Puppies, it’s super easy to scroll through all the available puppies from the expert breeders they connect you with online. When you’ve found the right puppy for you, it’s time to visit! Make sure you always see the breeder you’re buying from. A reputable breeder will want you to visit so they can find out more about you and your ability to provide a good home.

When you visit, check out the space where your puppy is living and make sure it’s clean, has fresh food and water, and space for mother and pups to go outside. They should also have an area separate from where they sleep to use the bathroom. Ask the breeder lots of questions so you know your puppy’s coming from someone safe and reliable.

Meet the Parents

When you visit your new puppy for the first time, ask to meet the puppy’s sire and dam. The seller should have no problem allowing you to meet and play with the parents so you can get a sense of their temperament. It’s a good idea to spend some time with your new puppy’s parents to make sure they’re friendly and well-adjusted. 

Be Prepared to Wait

You should never purchase a puppy that is younger than eight weeks old.  Anyone attempting to sell you a puppy under eight weeks old should be reported to authorities. Another big red flag is people claiming to have multiple breeds for sale or someone willing to sell you a puppy on the spot without meeting you.  With VIP, all of their breeders are fully vetted to ensure they are safe and responsible. It makes your purchasing experience convenient, secure and easy!  

Also, legitimate breeders specialize in only one breed of dog and usually have a wait-list when it comes to purchasing puppies. Be patient! Getting a puppy is a commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You might have to wait a little, but ending up with the perfect puppy is worth it by far!

Always Get Your Pup’s Papers & Complete Medical History

You should always sign a contract with your breeder and make sure you have the pedigree/papers for your new pup. A standard contract discusses returning the puppy if you can’t provide a good home for it, spaying/neutering by a certain age, etc. and is required by any high-quality breeder.   

Never just assume that your puppy has its shots; ask for a complete history of vaccinations and medical history on both pup and parents, then call the vet to verify. A reliable breeder will readily offer up this information. If you have any questions, VIP’s website offers a global community of pet owners and breeders who are ready to offer support or answer your puppy questions.  

Find a Furball to Love and Cherish

When you’re looking for your next furball family member to love and cherish, you should always purchase from a responsible and reliable breeder. With, buyers can connect with exceptional breeders who are ready to meet and answer any questions you may have about their dogs. VIP has years of experience promoting trust between buyers and breeders, and providing a safe space to research and purchase the right breed for you. With VIP, you can responsibly buy your family’s next puppy and start living happily ever after!

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