Exploring Bristol: Clevedon Hall


Just outside the hustle and bustle of Bristol is a gorgeous get-away: Clevedon Hall. A mere 25 minutes from the city but seemingly a world away is a charming, idyllic country estate, perfect for hosting a party or wedding of any size.

The History

Originally named Frankfurt Hall, this estate has served many different uses over the centuries. It was built by Conrad William Finzel the 1st in 1852. Finzel was also the owner of a prosperous sugar refinery in Bristol.

In 1877, the property was sold and renamed Clevedon Hall. The property intermittently served as a family home until 1945 when it was transformed into a boarding school. In 1991, it became commercial offices. 

Finally, in 2010, Clevedon Hall was restored to its original glory as a place of fun, family, and friends. Clevedon Hall currently serves as a premier place for parties, corporate events, and weddings.

The Grounds

The hall itself may be the centerpiece of Clevedon Hall, but the grounds are just as impressive. With two and a half acres of sprawling, elegantly manicured lawns, tree-lined drives, and a private lake, Clevedon Hall provides a picture-perfect setting for any event.

For any event taking place in warm weather, the beautiful surroundings offer even more space for the party to continue out of doors. The grounds are ideal for party games, a barbeque, or a drinks reception.

The grounds also feature a rustic, handcrafted gazebo in the garden. The gazebo is a popular wedding spot, as 150 guests can be seated on the surrounding terrace. It’s an idyllic location for a wedding or wedding photos.

And not only are the grounds gorgeous, but Clevedon Hall is committed to keeping them that way. As a Green Tourism certified venue, Clevedon Hall is committed to preserving the environment of the estate.

The Hall

As beautiful as the grounds are, its hard to distract from the crown jewel of Clevedon: the hall itself. Crafted in a show-stopping Jacobean Revival style, the hall has the feel of stepping into the past, with all the comforts of the modern-day.

Among the modern amenities, Clevedon Hall offers complimentary Wi-Fi in all room and around the estate. Clevedon Hall also offers electric car charging and AV capabilities.

One of the many benefits of Clevedon Hall is the sheer size and number of different room ideal of any event. There are twenty-five en-suite bedrooms, each one thoughtfully decorated and designed. There are nine stunning meeting rooms, perfect for a corporate event.

If neither of those options catches your eye, there’s the Grand Library, the Conservatory, or the Great Hall. Clevedon Hall is truly equipped to provide an unforgettable setting for any event.

And Clevedon Hall is continuing to grow! An orangery was recently added for year-round events, with stunning views of the garden. Clevedon Hall is continuing to invest in the estate to make it as beautiful and welcoming to guests as possible.

Potential Clevedon Hall Events

With its myriad of rooms and sprawling grounds, Clevedon Hall is perfect for just about any event. Unlike many other venues, such as a hotel, Cleveland Hall can be booked exclusively for your event. That means that no other guests will be on the property, and the staff will be solely focused on your event. This ensures security, privacy, and tranquility for any event.

The myriad of rooms also means that you can choose the space (or spaces) that are best for your event. If you are hosting a corporate event, there’s no need to confine discussions to the meeting suites when you have the whole garden to explore and use. For a wedding, whether big or small, Clevedon Hall has the perfect space for your guests to have room to dance, share, and celebrate.

While Clevedon Hall is often used for weddings and corporate events, that is certainly not what it is limited to. Clevedon Hall has hosted birthday parties, anniversaries, Christenings, and memorials. If it’s something worth celebrating, Clevedon Hall is happy to host it.

The Staff of Clevedon Hall

The staff of Clevedon Hall are focused and determined to make your event not only run flawlessly but also be a memorable, unique experience. The team is crafted of management professionals, who are well-experienced in planning, organizing, and executing any event, down to the smallest of details. The staff of Clevedon Hall will expertly cover every facet of your event from DJ-ing the party to planning the wedding to coordinating the event.

However, the shining star of the staff works behind the scenes. The impeccable catering at Clevedon Hall would not be possible with Clevedon Hall’s Michelin Star trained chef, who works to provide guests with incredible cuisine.

With the staff of Clevedon Hall, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the event instead of worrying about little details and logistical matters.

The Cottage

Clevedon Hall may be an escape from Bristol, but what about when you need an escape from the party? The cottage nestled into the grounds of Clevedon Hall is the perfect get-away from your get-away.

The cottage offers an en-suite bathroom, three sofa beds, private parking, an enclosed patio, a wine chiller, a fully-equipped kitchenette, and many more amenities to complete your secluded hideaway. The cottage is a popular choice for newly-weds to stay in after their reception at Clevedon Hall, for anniversary trips, for guests from far away attending an event at Clevedon Hall, or for anyone who just needs some peace, quiet, and relaxation.

It’s hard to believe that a place like Clevedon Hall exists so close to the rest of busy society. It truly offers an escape from life. Whether you are escaping for an evening on the grounds, a night at the hall, or a few days at the cottage, Clevedon Hall is there for you. And the staff of Clevedon Hall are there to make it happen. Even better, Clevedon Hall makes it very easy to plan an event, with virtual tours of the estate and easily reachable staff.

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