Ecuadorian president says drug trafficking on rise

Lenin Moreno

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno said Tuesday that international drug trafficking is on the rise in the country, evidenced by a record seizure of 128.2 tons of drugs and the dismantling of 197 drug trafficking organizations in 2020.

“The onslaught of drug trafficking is mainly from the large organized groups in Mexico and Colombia, which we are fighting on a permanent basis,” Moreno said during his weekly radio show.

According to the government, the amount of drugs seized, which consisted mostly of cocaine, increased by 56 percent from 2019.

Of the seized drugs, 18.3 tons were destined for domestic sale, while the rest were heading to the international market.

“Our main concern is that under no circumstances should these traffickers cut off the future of our children and youth,” Moreno said.

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