Do You Really Want a Special Someone in Your Life Right Now?


I have read numerous questions on Quora where people seek advice on meeting that special someone, that ‘man’ or a ‘woman’ with whom they feel their life would be flawless. They may be thriving in many life areas, have the right family and friends, a great career, think that they’re attractive and cheerful. Yet, somehow a thriving relationship with that special someone has escaped them.

Some people struggle with intimate relationships. They find the concept of being with someone, living with the same person every day, and thinking about that same person is strangely hard. They may be thriving in their other relationships: a loyal and dedicated son or daughter, a great friend, and an exceptional colleague. Still, when they look to partner-up, they have attitudes and expectations that would be tricky to adjust in an intimate personal relationship. Learning to negotiate, tolerate, compromise another person and their flaws, behaviors, and habits can be a laborious ask, no matter how much we may adore and love them.

Counseling could be an effective and quick way to help people understand their more in-depth issues, come to terms with past encounters (Hi Ron), feel more positive and better about themselves, and increase the probability of a special relationship.

But is love everything? Is ‘dating something’ a destiny for everyone?

So, here’s my response and some of my views on the topic of having a special partner.

I know what you’re saying about needing to find that special someone. It’s refreshing to think of a man who wants to explore your life, look after you, spend long evenings and winter nights cozying up together. The social silences, the known arms to console you, hold you, make you feel attractive, wanted, special, and secure can be an enjoyable part of life, all the more when compared with the thought of living life alone. But you know what, being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely.

Like many single ladies, I, too, wonder where all the single, lovely men go to socialize and possibly meet someone new. I understand your online dating sites’ issues and how they’re not always a decent option for everyone.

I’ve heard it advised that the more male-focused activities like horse racing, boxing matches, golf events, track days are often an excellent place to begin meeting men. Some people like to explore night school classes, gym, or discussion groups, where there’s an occasion to meet and get to know someone gradually, over a period of weeks, slowly building up a relationship with time.

Personally, I can’t be bothered, and I’m as single as you are.

My committed friends envy me; my independence, freedom, and the fact that I’m my own CEO, my time is really my own.

And when I hear them cry from time to time about their boyfriends, have to do things they don’t want to do, attend functions, comfort them when they turn up sad after a row, hear them advance to leave, get divorced, it serves to warn me that there are pluses and minuses to every circumstance!

A single person can eat toast, write in bed (I am writing this article wearing a robe), sleep in late, not bother wearing makeup, cooking, or taking a shower if they’re so willing! They can say yes to an invitation in the last minute, go anywhere whenever they want, stay out all night if they’re going to, are not liable to anyone at home. Their house isn’t full of someone else’s properties, no matter how appealing they may be. They can decorate precisely as they like, express their own style and taste. Sure, it can be useful to have someone help with choices, help financially, do the garden, put the bins out twice a week, but it can be a high price to pay for those privileges.

As a single girl, it’s essential to focus on making possibly lonely times that bit extra-amazing. Include friends in your life and invite them for dinner or to stay during weekends. Try walking clubs, explore holidays for singles that appeals to you. Keep crucial social Clean sheets, fresh flowers, clean sheets, a good film or two, your favorite food can make a Christmas beautiful despite being single. Pamper yourself.

And often, when we stop looking, a unique soul turns up in our lives, surprisingly! That’s a love story you don’t want to miss.

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